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    Go Lite Radio

    Go Lite™ Digital Retail Radio - Subscription

    Special Price: $17.60

    Regular Price: $398.00

    Go Lite™ "Ultralight" Digital Retail Radio - Truly Wearable Wireless - ORDER ON-LINE NOW!

    Don't Buy!  Subscribe from $17.60 a month

    Now is the time to rebuild and re-energize your business after the CV19 pandemic. Why buy and commit your capital. 2020 has been tough on us all, so why not subscribe rather than buy? You're probably paying $70 a month subscription for your smartphone. Hey, you can even get a Mercedes on subscription nowadays!

    Get the perfect business communications tool that allows all your team to operate as a team and stay fully informed of whatever each is doing and what needs to be done.  Talk instantly, no delays no waiting, no sharing. Professional Retail Radio - your call!

    • Project the professional image your business deserves.

    • Impress your customers with your staff speed and efficiency

    • Reward your staff with smarter tools to help improve job satisfaction.

    • Save your capital investment for where and when it is most needed.

    • Charged to your credit card, quarterly in advance.

    • Start with two or three units and grow and your business needs do.

    • Once off Network set-up and account maintenance fee - $198.

    • iTRQ™Advanced Ear Microphone for just $7.70 a month  (doesn't include personal issue interchangeable earpieces- purchase separately for personal issue)

    • Ultralight WPMAD-K headset available for higher noise applications - Purchase required

    • Highly secure police-grade (AES) voice encryption. Emergency power back up for power outages

    • No eavesdropping from competitors etc. Keep your customer/client's details totally private.

    • No additional annual licensing fees. 

    • Outstanding audio from an amazingly small compact ruggedized ultralight wearable portable radio.

    • Clean crisp audio enhanced with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR).

    • Fully weather-resistant and built to take the wear and tear rough n' tumble of retail store life. 

    • Update your equipment subscription - new models-new capabilities at any time - no transfer fees

    • Return anytime if your needs change - Minimal contract commitment & exit fees

    includes desktop charger, belt carry holder, hand carry strap, high capacity battery, user card, and ongoing warranty/service.

    Product Brochure (click important documents below)


  2. SALE!
    IP100H Radio

    Icom IP100H - IP Advanced Radio System - WiFi Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $528.00

    Regular Price: $539.00

    • Your Own Private Two Way Radio Network!
    • Enterprise Grade Reliability.
    • Communicate Privately Over Your WiFi network. Expand Coverage With Ease.
    • No Internet Access Required. No Ongoing Fees Or Licences Required.
    • Radio Network Is Custom Designed To Your Business Requirements.
    • Make Individual Or Group Calls. Virtually Unlimited Channels.
    • Push To Talk Mode & Hands Free / Full Duplex Mode. 
    • Encrypted. Interference Free Communication.
    • Stealth Alarm™ & Loud Duress Emergency Alarm.
    • 1 Button Text Messages ("VIP", "Service", "000"... The Choice Is Yours!)
    • Connect Teams Over Multiple Sites Or Buildings. 
    • Made in Japan. World-Class Engineering.
    • Radio Warehouse is a proud Icom Certified Networking Partner

    Icom Certified Networking Partner

  3. SALE!
    IP501H LTE Radio

    Icom IP501H LTE Two Way Radio - IP501H 4G 3G Two Way Radio, Icom LTE 501H Two Way Radio, Icom LTE Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $699.00

    Regular Price: $749.00

    • IP501H LTE Two Way Radio Powered by Optus 4G
    • Nationwide,  Secure, Blistering Fast, Private LTE Integrated Cloud, Comminication Network
    • IP501H raadio is the perfect hybrid between a mobile phone, allowing the user to call staff members directly in thieir company network. But unlike a mobile phone, your staff member will not be distracted by personal SMS, phone calls, games and so forth, interferring with team.
    • Need to use your IP501H in a noisy / industrial environment? Unleash Mission Critical Audio, via the optional but highly recommended LTE Power Mic™

    Optus 4G- Icom IP501H

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LTE / IP Radio

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