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Radio Warehouse only offers state-of-the-art two-way radio communication equipment and accessories, ensuring your staff are fully equipped to effectively fulfil their duties and responsibilities. Radio Warehouse only sells the best in commercial and government-grade two-way radio solutions. The following products listed below encapsulates the very best radio communication solutions available in Australia.

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  1. Go Lite Radio

    Go Lite™ Digital Retail Radio - Subscription

    Go Lite™ "Ultralight" Digital Retail Radio - Truly Wearable Wireless - ORDER ON-LINE NOW!

    Don't Buy! Subscribe from $17.60 a month

    Now is the time to rebuild and re-energize your business after the CV19 pandemic. Why buy and commit your capital. 2020 has been tough on us all, so why not subscribe rather than buy? You're probably paying $70 a month subscription for your smartphone. Hey, you can even get a Mercedes on subscription nowadays!

    Get the perfect business communications tool that allows all your team to operate as a team and stay fully informed of whatever each is doing and what needs to be done. Talk instantly, no delays no waiting, no sharing. Professional Retail Radio - your call!

    • Project the professional image your business deserves.
    • Impress your customers with your staff speed and efficiency
    • Reward your staff with smarter tools to help improve job satisfaction.
    • Save your capital investment for where and when it is most needed.
    • Charged to your credit card, quarterly in advance.
    • Start with two or three units and grow and your business needs do.
    • Once off Network set-up and account maintenance fee - $198.
    • iTRQ™Advanced Ear Microphone for just $7.70 a month (doesn't include personal issue interchangeable earpieces- purchase separately for personal issue)
    • Ultralight WPMAD-K headset available for higher noise applications - Purchase required
    • Highly secure police-grade (AES) voice encryption. Emergency power back up for power outages
    • No eavesdropping from competitors etc. Keep your customer/client's details totally private.
    • No additional annual licensing fees.
    • Outstanding audio from an amazingly small compact ruggedized ultralight wearable portable radio.
    • Clean crisp audio enhanced with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR).
    • Fully weather-resistant and built to take the wear and tear rough n' tumble of retail store life.
    • Update your equipment subscription - new models-new capabilities at any time - no transfer fees
    • Return anytime if your needs change - Minimal contract commitment & exit fees

    includes desktop charger, belt carry holder, hand carry strap, high capacity battery, user card, and ongoing warranty/service.

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  2. SALE!
    IP100H Radio

    Icom IP100H - IP Advanced Radio System - WiFi Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $528.00

    Regular Price: $539.00

    • Your Own Private Two Way Radio Network!
    • Enterprise Grade Reliability.
    • Communicate Privately Over Your WiFi network. Expand Coverage With Ease.
    • No Internet Access Required. No Ongoing Fees Or Licences Required.
    • Radio Network Is Custom Designed To Your Business Requirements.
    • Make Individual Or Group Calls. Virtually Unlimited Channels.
    • Push To Talk Mode & Hands Free / Full Duplex Mode. 
    • Encrypted. Interference Free Communication.
    • Stealth Alarm™ & Loud Duress Emergency Alarm.
    • 1 Button Text Messages ("VIP", "Service", "000"... The Choice Is Yours!)
    • Connect Teams Over Multiple Sites Or Buildings. 
    • Made in Japan. World-Class Engineering.
    • Radio Warehouse is a proud Icom Certified Networking Partner

    Icom Certified Networking Partner

  3. SALE!

    Wireless Pacific X10DR Elite Plus (click for more details)

    Special Price: $985.00

    Regular Price: $1,143.00

    As low as: $895.00


    Elite Plus Series

    Our Wireless Pacific X10DR Elite Plus latest-generation models unleash the power of your mobile radio, like never before! Talk 500 meters from your vehicle – generally, a lot further than most will choose to walk. Enable Relay Mode and you can walk another 250 meters via your partner’s or a dedicated relay handset. Perfect for when you need to travel deeper into buildings or other out of sight locations.

    Work team focused, X10DR Elite Plus models allow up to three handsets to operate from a single, vehicle gateway. They create an exclusive, totally AES 128 secure and private local talkaround channel. Allowing your team to communicate privately, license-free, on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network. Elite Plus models now come fully equipped with user-selectable full-duplex mode for local handsfree operation on site.

  4. SALE!
    IP501H LTE Radio

    Icom IP501H LTE Two Way Radio - IP501H 4G 3G Two Way Radio, Icom LTE 501H Two Way Radio, Icom LTE Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $699.00

    Regular Price: $749.00

    • IP501H LTE Two Way Radio Powered by Optus 4G
    • Nationwide,  Secure, Blistering Fast, Private LTE Integrated Cloud, Comminication Network
    • IP501H raadio is the perfect hybrid between a mobile phone, allowing the user to call staff members directly in thieir company network. But unlike a mobile phone, your staff member will not be distracted by personal SMS, phone calls, games and so forth, interferring with team.
    • Need to use your IP501H in a noisy / industrial environment? Unleash Mission Critical Audio, via the optional but highly recommended LTE Power Mic™

    Optus 4G- Icom IP501H

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LTE / IP Radio

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