Over the years we have been related may stories about why smallest is not always best and why sometimes smaller is just perfect.  The tails of a well seasoned police sergeant who told his livid story of fending off a crazed attacker wielding  a lump of 4 by 2 with nothing more than his trusty Motorola MX300 "brick on a hip" portable radio, in the good old days when life was simpler and no one carried a gun or taser. Or at the other end of the spectrum, providing discreet store security in a Tiffany or Gucci store where the smell of guns of squawking two way radios does not enhance their much exalted, hedonistic opulent buying ambience.

We also know we are not all 2 meter tall NBL basketballers with hands that can encapsulate a Spalding®, nor, are most dainty handed petite 140cm gymnasts who when holding a Junior burger make it look like a meal for four... and so it is with radios. You need a radio that states the individual business "feel"  that you want to create for your customers and equally as important, a radio that suits the  physical attributes of your valued staff.  A radio they will want to use and value. You need the right radio for your business.

Radio Warehouse understand these important considerations and we hope the attached  size weight comparison will help with your choices.