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80 CB Channels

Introduced by the ACMA in 2011, these are the new 80 narrowband UHF CB channels that replace the original 40 wide-band CB channels. These CB channels are public channels, and are best used for public communication purposes.

Radio Warehouse's Team 8™

Radio Warehouse's Team 8™ is unique programming that adds 8 team channels for you to communicate on without interference by other parties operating by chance on the same frequency. These are perfect for business use and do not require a licence to access. Other radios not programmed with our Team 8™ programming, will not be able to talk to your radios on these channels.

Personalised Programming

Select if you have an existing radio system and need your new radios to match your existing system. We will typically ask a new Radio Warehouse customer to temporarily send us one of your existing radios so we can clone its programming details so the newly purchased equipment operates seamlessly along side the existing equipment once it is put into operation. Also select this option, if you are now requesting your own licensed frequency and/or need to access custom features in the radio that are not enabled by default settings.

Getting your own Private Channel

Sharing a public UHF CB channels has its immediate cost advantages but for those whose radio communications are critical for their business success and whose communications demand PRIVACY, a private channel specifically allocated for your own use in the areas that you operate is what you need. A Private Channel although technically "shared" with others across the country are assigned and licensed under control of the Australian government's ACMA Communications Authority. They also can ensure privacy of operation by allowing you to operate in digital mode and for the best protection with Voice Encryption activated. For business and government user’s private channels can be allocated by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) These channels are allocated to each organisation on application for a particular operational situation. Choice is Fixed site at a unique address or roaming across state/nation

Private Channel Licensing Choices

Roaming UHF Channel

A "Roaming Channel" is intended SPECIFICALLY for those users that usually operate at a variety of locations during the business day/week. They are not intended for use by those who predominantly communicate from fixed locations, example: your business address, your shop or multiple shops, a long term Construction site, etc...however they are applicable for use by Tradies who may visit a construction site for a day or a couple of weeks and then move on to a completely different location.

Roaming License is, for example, suitable for maintenance teams, or sporadic use at school fetes, annual camping excursions, temporary security personnel deployments...i.e. any application where there is no ongoing use from one location. These private channels are the easiest to obtain and Radio Warehouse can complete all the formalities and arrange on your behalf while processing your order. CLICK HERE to purchase your annual roaming license.

(WARNING: DO NOT apply for a Roaming Channel with the intention of using at fixed locations. The ACMA regulatory staff will find you and big fines and equipment confiscation may occur for deliberate misuse of the radio spectrum).

Fixed Location Private Channel

A "Fixed Channel" is intended SPECIFICALLY for those business users that operate their radio equipment at the same locations - week in week out. They are also suited for chain store owners that have multiple, fixed location, stores across the city where common radio equipment is desired to be used in every store.

These private and subsequently "more exclusive" channels require an prior initial search, by Frequency Management Allocation Specialists accredited by ACMA, to be undertaken of other users operating in your geographic vicinity so as to minimise the likelihood that you will interfere with another Fixed Private Channel user or they with you.

Note: A Fixed Location Channel will take a few weeks to be licensed and allocated to your business.

Radio Warehouse can complete all these ACMA regulatory requirements and formalities on your behalf while processing your order including programming your purchased radio equipment to maximise your communications privacy and effectiveness. CLICK HERE to purchase your annual Fixed Location license including your initial 'Once Off' Fixed Frequency Management Allocation Fee.

ACMA Radio Communictions Act 1992