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Radio Warehouse provides two way radios, professional walkie talkies, especially for business & government users. Our two way radio solutions include the latest in UHF / VHF two way radios, Digitial (DMR, iDAS, NXDN, dPMR) portable two way radios, analogue (CB 80 UHF, Private LMR), mobile two way radiosLTE two way radio & WiFi two way radio systems. As an online two way radio dealer, we serve clients throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Geelong, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Townsville & Alice Springs. We make it easy for your business or government organisationto buy industrial grade walkie talkies online. 

Our two way radio, professional walkie talkie, UHF communication solutions are widely adopted into Australia's largest business and government clients. We have lived and breathed two way radio for over 40 years, adopting the latest two way radio technology and tailoring a custom solution for your specific organisation's communication needs. Our 5 Watt UHF portable, 25 watt, 50 watt UHF mobile LMR base station radios & two way radio repeater (range boosters) offer industrial grade reliability and performance.

We carry the latest business two way radio solutions from two way radio manufacturers including Icom, Kenwood, Vertex Standard, Motorola, Wireless Pacific, Tait, Peltor, Hytera and Simoco.

Our two way radio systems solutions are tailored specifically for business, professional, government, communication applications. We also offer a selection of professional, prosumer walkie talkie / CB UHF radios for hybrid professional / recreational / consumer applications. Stop wasting your time with two way radios from the big electronic retailers, when we can provide you with a quotation allowing you to invest in a professional communication system, built to last years. 
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