Icom IP-740D UHF / LTE Hybrid Two Way Radio

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The Icom IP740D is a powerful, interoperable, digital / analogue, UHF and 4G (LTE) hybrid two way radio; providing your team with one of the most flexible, reliable, and powerful radio communication platforms in Australia.

The IP-740D two way radio is the latest addition to Icom's IP, 4G LTE, range of commercial & government grade radio systems. The IP740D uses LTE cellular connectivity, to provide your team with instant, Push To Talk (PTT) communication, wherever there is Telstra or Optus 4G/3G network coverage.  

The IP740D is also built to communicate on analogue and digital (IDAS) UHF channels, giving your team, complete onsite & offsite communication interoperability with existing radio systems or 3rd party users. This flexibility also opens up the door for the radio to be used in bespoke, operational environments.

Icom IP-740D Feature Summary:

This radio is packed full of world-class features including:
  • 5 Watt, UHF radio (400-520 MHz), Commercial / Government Grade
  • Up to 128 conventional analogue / digital (IDAS) programmable channels
  • 80 CB UHF channel ACMA approved
  • 4G LTE channel ready (Your choice in Telstra or Optus Network)
  • Full Duplex / Push To Talk (PTT) modes on LTE channel
  • Group & individual radio calls over LTE
  • 2 x Programmable PTT buttons on side of radio (i.e LTE / UHF broadcasts)
  • Listen to both UHF channel & LTE channels simultaneously
  • Bridge Mode (Send UHF radio traffic over LTE and vice versa)
  • Built to the toughest MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F (Drop proof etc.)
  • IP67 (Water & Dust proof)
  • 1500mw Audio Speaker (Ideal for noisy environments)
  • 13 / 24 Hours (UHF / LTE) battery operation time 
  • Vibration Alert / Surveillance function
  • Emergency Mode (Including Mandown / Lone Worker / Motion Detection)
  • Broadcast DTMF Codes (Open remote gates & equipment) with optional DTMF microphone.
  • Bluetooth (Wirelessly pair the IP-740D with our 3M™ Peltor™ Bluetooth headsets and enjoy completely wireless, full duplex or PTT communications in high noise environments, with level 5 hearing protection)
  • Over the Air Programming (via LTE)

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Icom IP740D Brochure | Icom IP740D Instruction Manual

How can the Icom IP-740D be programmed? 

The IP740D is a completely flexible & interoperable UHF (Digital & Analogue) / LTE radio platform. It allows for up to 128 conventional UHF radio channels to be programmed anywhere between 400-520 MHz. This is in addition to any LTE channels you may also want to program. It's also ACMA approved to use 80 CB UHF channels, opening the door to a whole range of user applications.

For example, this radio could be programmed with a combination of: 

  • Private LMR analogue / digital (IDAS) UHF channels (400-520 MHz)
  • 4G LTE (Telstra / Optus) Network Channels 
  • 80 CB UHF Channels (Analogue)
  • Radio Warehouse's Onsite 8™ Team Channels

What user applications can I use the Icom IP-740D for?

With all of the programming flexibility and interoperability afforded by this radio system, you may be asking yourself what are the potential user application benefits and possibilities, you could use the IP740D for?

In summary, there are literally endless ways in which this radio system could be integrated into your operations workflow. Here are just a few ways customers are currently using the Icom IP-740D:

  1. A semi-rural based, manufacturing business spread over many acres, who needed to listen and talk on a CB UHF channel to coordinate incoming truck deliveries, whilst at the same time listening, to their internal staff group calls without switching channel. The business had good 4G/3G network coverage all over their building facilities that a conventional UHF radio system wouldn't reach out of the box, without additional infrastructure being installed.. By enabling the LTE channel for their staff it allowed them communicate over a wide area network that was much more cost effective, than installing their own UHF LMR repeaters, antennas and other equipment throughout the multiple buildings over the property to get radio coverage. 

  2. An inner city security business has mobile security patrols & stationary guards that wanted to communicate securely over 4G LTE AES encryption. The manager, works remotely and can listen into staff channels in different locations. The manager can receive private, direct calls in either PTT or Full Duplex (telephone) mode so guards can get advice on how to handle, unique situations.

  3. A tree / concrete cutting business needed the ability to have full duplex communication between 3 users without the radios having radio cables or communication distance limitations. As the IP-740D has inbuilt Bluetooth, the radios connected wirelessly to our supplied 3M™ Peltor hearing protection headsets, which have high-noise environment microphones, and active situational awareness listening capabilities.

    This combination of equipment ensured the team can get on the tools and communication together, without cables, in full duplex mode, completely hands free, without talk distance limitations, all whilst still being able to maintain situational awareness and hear road traffic. When the team was not on the tools, the team could switch to the radio to CB UHF channels for general PTT 3rd party interoperability.

What is the IP-740D supplied with? 

Out of the box, the Icom IP740D is supplied with

  • IP740D Hybrid IP Transceiver LTE + UHF (400-520 MHz)
  • BP303 Li-ion Battery
  • MB133 Belt Clip
  • Charger & Antenna sold separately. 

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