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Call Attend Customer Call Box

- Increase customer satisfaction.
- Boost staff productivity.
- Improve profitability.

Call Attend™ allows your customers to simply push a button when they need assistance. Your two-way radio-equipped personnel will be immediately alerted with a clear, voice message so that they can provide prompt personalised customer service.

Call Attend is a battery-powered wall-mountable call box that communicates wirelessly to your in-store portable radios. It can work with existing analog or digital two-way radios.

Should you desire, custom labeling and messages are available. You can even record your own messages! Naturally, you can operate as many boxes as your store or business needs.

Each call box also allows connection of an external sensor to send a pre-recorded message. This might be used for example; to let you know someone has just walked into the store or perhaps, entered an out-of-bounds staff-only area.

The Call Assist unit comes complete with an AC power pack for recharging. and voice announcements over your radio system will advise when charging is needed or when AC power is connected.

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