Radio Warehouse was born in 2005 with the vision of offering A Better Online Deal™ to Australian businesses and government departments who want to buy commercial / government grade two-way radio solutions online. 

Radio Warehouse is 100% Aussie Owned and Operated. Our growing client list covers many major Australian corporations, government departments and hundreds of SME's around Australia.

What sets us apart?

Unlike some other radio dealers online, (typically found on eBay) we are 100% fully authorised dealers and resellers of select Kenwood, Icom, 3M Peltor, Wireless Pacific, Motorola, Simoco, Vertel, Sepeura and Tait Radio communications solutions. 

We only stock business & government-grade radio solutions. We do not sell recreational radios or toy radios.

Our professional-grade radios and accessories are found in the hands and ears of Police and Emergency Workers, Miners, Security Companies, Government Departments, and Hospitality Venues all around the country. The brands we stock are the industry standard choice for professional industry users. 

We know that people's lives are at potentially at stake in circumstances where two-way radios are used, hence we only stock authorised products that are 100% backed by a local manufactures warranty and built to Australian safety, electrical, and radio standards.

You can buy our products with confidence knowing that you are getting the best quality available, from an authorised Australian dealer, all at the best price. We do not sell illegal, second-hand, or grey-imported radios that are not legal to use in Australia. 

We are always updating our website with as much information as possible, to help you make an easy decision. If you have a question about a product that is not already answered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us

Our after-sales service is something we also like to pride ourselves on. In the unlikely event, something should not go as it should simply give us a call on our priority customer support telephone number at the top of your invoice. Feel rest assured that at the end of the day, if the products we stock give us too much of a headache to sell, we simply won't stock them!