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Are you a dental or medical practice, looking for an effective way for your staff to communicate that will reflect your commitment to professionalism and high customer service? We understand that in order to instil such confidence in your clients, you need a discrete, reliable and confidential two-way radio / walkie talkie communication solution that is both easy to wear, easy to use and can be operated by all staff easily with little or no training. You can now say goodbye to noisy intercom and intrusive telephone paging systems forever!

Radio Warehouse offer state-of-the-art two-way radio communication equipment, ensuring your staff and patients are as comfortable and as satisfied as possible during their dental or medical procedures. Radio Warehouse only sell the best in commercial and government grade two-way radio solutions. The recommended solutions listed below encapsulate the very best of radio communication solutions suited to the progressive and client centred nature of the dental and medical industries.

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    Motorola CLP 107 Earpiece, Motorola CLP107 Radio Earpiece

    Motorola CLP107 Earpiece - Secure Swap™ (WPSSM-CLP) - HKLN4602 Alternative

    Special Price: $42.00

    Regular Price: $65.00

    As low as: $32.00
    • Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece System
    • Designed Specifically For Large Retail & Hospitality Operations
    • Includes WPSSEH Low Cost, Interchangable, Secure Swap™ Earpiece
    • Uses High Quality, Kevlar Cables For Extended Life
    • Curly Cord for Perfect Fit, No Matter The Staff Member's Body Type
    • Designed For Motorola CLP107, CLP117 Two Way Radios
    • Better Priced Than Motorola HKLN4602 Earpieces 
    • Promote Staff Hygiene. Improve Staff Morale.
    • Crystal Clear Audio.
    • Exclusive To Radio Warehouse
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    HKLN4602 Motorola CLP Single Pin Long Cord with PTT 'Over the Ear' Earpiece

    HKLN4602 Motorola CLP Single Pin Long Cord with PTT 'Over the Ear' Earpiece

    Special Price: $45.00

    Regular Price: $49.00

    As low as: $42.00
    • HKLN4602 Motorola Earpiece
    • Suitable for Motorola CLP107 & CLP117 Two Way Radios
  3. SALE!
    Kenwood PKT-23X

    Kenwood PKT-23X / PKT23X Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $295.00

    Regular Price: $330.00

    As low as: $188.00
    • Perfect for national retail projects, restaurants, hospitality.
    • Highly attractive alternative to Motorola CLP107
    • Lightweight, easy to wear, no training required.
    • High quality Kenwood audio performance. 
    • Commercial grade quality. Entry level price.
    • Team 8™ Channels Ready
    • IP54 (Rain & Dust Proof), Military Standard 810 C/D/E/F, 1.5 Watts
    • Secure Swap™ Earpiece Now Available!
    • Commercial Quality & Durability
    • PKT-23X (Australian Legal Model)
    • Connect Your National Retail Chain With Radio Warehouse Retail Partner Plan
    • 36 Month Extended Warranty & Service Plan Option, National Staff Training Packages, Hygienic Secure Swap™ Earpiece
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    Motorola CLP107, Motorola CLP 107 Radio

    Motorola CLP 107 Two Way Radio (Motorola CLP107 - AZP98RBC9AA4)

    Special Price: $299.00

    Regular Price: $330.00

      • Popular entry level, Motorola radio for small business / boutique / light business duties.
      • Suitables: Cafes, Restaurants, Boutique Retail, Dentist Surgery, Beauty Therapy
      • Very easy to use.
      • Private / Licenced Channel Only (No Public Interference).
      • 1 Year Warranty
    • SALE!
      IP100H Radio

      Icom IP100H - IP Advanced Radio System - WiFi Two Way Radio

      • Your Own Private Two Way Radio Network!
      • Enterprise Grade Reliability.
      • Communicate Privately Over Your WiFi network. Expand Coverage With Ease.
      • No Internet Access Required. No Ongoing Fees Or Licences Required.
      • Radio Network Is Custom Designed To Your Business Requirements.
      • Make Individual Or Group Calls. Virtually Unlimited Channels.
      • Push To Talk Mode & Hands Free / Full Duplex Mode. 
      • Encrypted. Interference Free Communication.
      • Stealth Alarm™ & Loud Duress Emergency Alarm.
      • 1 Button Text Messages ("VIP", "Service", "000"... The Choice Is Yours!)
      • Connect Teams Over Multiple Sites Or Buildings. 
      • Made in Japan. World-Class Engineering.
      • Radio Warehouse is a proud Icom Certified Networking Partner

      Icom Certified Networking Partner

    • SALE!
      3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

      3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

      Special Price: $649.00

      Regular Price: $849.00

      - 3M™ Peltor™ Litecom™ Two Way Radio
      - Ideal for Crane & Dogman, Directional Drilling Operations
      - A Two Way Radio System Your Business Can Trust
      - World-Class, Industrial Grade Quality
      - 16 Hours Battery Operation Time
      - Water & Dustproof (Ingress Protection: IP55)
      - Lightweight (150 grams)
      - Complete range of optional audio accessories (3.5mm & Hirose Connections)
      - Communicate with 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus & LiteCom III Headsets (LPD 433Mhz versions)


    • SALE!
      IP501H LTE Radio

      Icom IP501H LTE Two Way Radio - IP501H 4G 3G Two Way Radio, Icom LTE 501H Two Way Radio, Icom LTE Two Way Radio

      Special Price: $699.00

      Regular Price: $749.00

      • IP501H LTE Two Way Radio Powered by Optus 4G
      • Nationwide,  Secure, Blistering Fast, Private LTE Integrated Cloud, Comminication Network
      • IP501H raadio is the perfect hybrid between a mobile phone, allowing the user to call staff members directly in thieir company network. But unlike a mobile phone, your staff member will not be distracted by personal SMS, phone calls, games and so forth, interferring with team.
      • Need to use your IP501H in a noisy / industrial environment? Unleash Mission Critical Audio, via the optional but highly recommended LTE Power Mic™

      Optus 4G- Icom IP501H

    • Dental / Medical Practice - Two Way Radio Bundle Package

      Dental / Medical Practice - Two Way Radio Bundle Package

      • Bundle Package Designed Specifically For Dental & Medical Practices.
      • Everything You Need Is Included! There Is Nothing Else Left To Buy.
      • Commercial Grade Quality.
      • Proven Reliability & High Performance. 
      • Competitive Online Price.
      • Need A Quote Before Purchase? Call Us.
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