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Working in a tough, demanding construction environment? When the job has to get done, we know you need a no-fussheavy duty commercial grade two-way radio solution for onsite communication that will not let your team down. We also know that sub-contractors will often treat their radios like a rental car, therefore we know that you demand only the best of quality. A long battery operation time is essential, just is having the ability to use a wide range of audio accessories such as a heavy duty headset or remote speaker microphone.

Radio Warehouse only sell commercial and government grade two-way radio solutions. The radios listed in this category usually meet all US Military Standards 810 C/D/E/F build quality, environmental testing procedures, meaning they meet US Department of Defence buying guidelines. They also usually meet a minimum of IP54 ingress protection international standards, meaning the radios are tested to be both rain and dust proof. The radios listed below are typically built to last 10-15 years of everyday business use. 

Below are our recommended two-way radio solutions to help coordinate bricklayers, carpenters, concreters, heavy equipment operators, electricians, labourers, plasterers, plumbers, roofers, tilers, and welders.

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  1. Icom IP501H LTE - Powerful Loud Audio Remote Speaker Microphone

    Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ - Remote Speaker Microphone for Icom IP501H & IP100H Two Way Radios

    • Boost your IP501H audio output from 200mw to 1 watt. Audio is both loud and crystal clear!
    • Fully compatible with Icom IP501H & Icom IP100H Two Way Radios
    • Provides up to 24 Hours of Battery Life. Does not diminish battery life of radio.
    • Conquer any outdoor / high noise environment with ease. 
    • Unleash The Power™ of your LTE Two Way Radio with Wireless Pacific Audio Accessories (3M Peltor Manufacturer)

  2. SALE!
    IC-41Pro with Long-Whip Antenna

    Icom IC41PRO / IC-41PRO - 80 CB UHF Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $310.00

    Regular Price: $410.00

    • Entry Level, 80 CB UHF Radio for Hybrid Weekend Outdoor Use
    • Owners of IC41W or those who wish to use for business purposes, please see IC-F2000.
    • Supplied with 2280mAH Li-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger, Long Whip Antenna, Belt Clip
    • Huge Accessory Discount Available (Whilst stocks last)
    • Spring Time Discount (Whilst stocks last). Save $100!
  3. SALE!
    Smart Heavy Duty Headset - Suits Multiple Models - Wear with or without hardhat! - Includes PTT Cable!

    Smart Heavy Duty Headset - Suits Multiple Models - Wear with or without hardhat! - Includes PTT Cable!

    Special Price: $398.00

    Regular Price: $449.00

    • Smart Heavy Duty / Hearing Protection Headset
    • Supplied with PTT Cable to Suit Your Radio (Multiple Models Available)
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack Input (Listen to MP3 Player whilst you work)
    • OH&S Safety Yellow (Alert others that you cannot hear them!)
    • Ideal for Extreme Noise Environments
  4. Motorola VX-456-M / VX456-M UHF 80 CB, Analogue Two Way Radio

    Motorola VX-456-M / VX456-M UHF 80 CB, Analogue Two Way Radio

    • Advanced worker safety features included: man down, lone worker, emergency button etc.
    • Designed for Mixed Commercial / Recreational Use (Adventure, Traffic Control, Event Management, Security)
    • 80 CB UHF Channel + Private Channel Ready (470-520Mhz)
    • IP67 Dust and Waterproofing
    • 8 Character LCD Display
    • 3 Year Motorola Australia Warranty
  5. IC-410PRO

    Icom IC-410PRO / IC410PRO 80 CB UHF, Analogue, Mobile Two Way Radio

    • Update for the IC-400PRO
    • 5 Year Icom Australia Warranty
    • Ideal for adventure / outdoor commercial or prosumer applications.
    • One of our best selling 80 CB channel / Commercial UHF hybrid mobile radios.
    • The very best of Japanese engineering excellence.
    • White Backlit LED Display
    • 5 / 25 watt (450-500Mhz).
  6. IC-F2000

    Icom IC-F2000, IC-F2000S, IC-F2000T Analogue, UHF, Two Way Radio

    • Commercial / Business Grade Model of IC-41Pro Model
    • This model is suitable for Business / Professional work applications.
    • Meets & Exceeds Various US Milittary Standard Testing Procedures (Shock Proof, Drop Proof etc)
    • Scrambler Option for Enhanced Privacy
    • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-Tight Protection
    • Channel Announcement with 5 Watt Power
    • No Keypad, Simple Keypad or Full Keypad Options Available
    • Privacy + Business Use + 80 CB + Business Grade Performance!
  7. XRD UHF -  Wearable, Waterproof, Two Way Radio

    XRD UHF - Wearable, Waterproof, Two Way Radio

    • Wearable, Waterproof Radio - Only weighs 150 grams!
    • Attach XRD to belt, lanyard, sports armband, uniform attire... the options are endless.
    • Can Outperform 5 Watt Radio*
    • Two Way Radio & Remote Speaker Microphone In One. No more cables!
    • Mission Critical Grade & Reliability (US MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F)
    • Completely Waterproof & Dustproof (IP67) 
    • Comptaible with Team 4™ & Team 7™ Channels
    • 12+ Hours Battery Operation
    • Full Range of Compatible Accessories (Headsets, Earpieces, etc)
    • Licence-Free. No Ongoing Costs.
    • Lightweight enough for hospitality, tough enough for construction. 
    • Perfect for Retail, Hospitality, Event Management, Warehouse, Construction, Fork Lift Operators, Sport Teams... anyone who needs to keep their hands free, whilst working on the job!
  8. SALE!
    3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

    3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $649.00

    Regular Price: $849.00

    - 3M™ Peltor™ Litecom™ Two Way Radio
    - Ideal for Crane & Dogman, Directional Drilling Operations
    - A Two Way Radio System Your Business Can Trust
    - World-Class, Industrial Grade Quality
    - 16 Hours Battery Operation Time
    - Water & Dustproof (Ingress Protection: IP55)
    - Lightweight (150 grams)
    - Complete range of optional audio accessories (3.5mm & Hirose Connections)
    - Communicate with 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus & LiteCom III Headsets (LPD 433Mhz versions)


  9. SALE!
    Peltor Bluetooth High Attenuation Headset (MT53H7AWS2)

    Peltor Bluetooth High Attenuation Headset (MT53H7AWS2)

    Special Price: $788.00

    Regular Price: $944.00

    • Bluetooth Two Way Radio Headset. Connect Wirelessly To Wireless Pacific GTR radio. 
    • World Class, Level 5 Hearing Protection
    • PTT Button On Headset. Optional PTT Heavy Duty Cable Available.
    • Maintain situational awareness of surrounding noise (alarms, sirens, people talking around you etc) via electronic control of environment noise in headset.
  10. Motorola DP2400e

    Motorola DP2400e Portable Two Way Radio

    • Industry-Leading Audio
    • High-Powered Performance 
    • 16 Channels (Digital or Analogue)
    • 403-527 Mhz
    • IP67 (Waterproof / Dustproof) / MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
    • 288 grams
    • Slim Battery Life: 20.5 Hours (Digital) / 16 Hours (Analogue) 
    • Motorola GP328 Alternative / Migration Option
    • Need a quote? Contact us!
    • Spring Special Pricing (Strictly whilst promotional stock lasts.) Be quick!
    • Compatible with Rapid Deployment Kit - Go Pack Pro™
  11. SALE!
    Wireless Pacific TeamTRQ™ Completely HandsFree, Full Duplex, Headset Communication System.

    Wireless Pacific TeamTRQ™ Completely HandsFree, Full Duplex, Headset Communication System.

    Special Price: $990.00

    Regular Price: $1,100.00

    • Completely Handsfree Communication
    • Compatiable with huge range of headsets & earpiece options. Call us to discuss.
    • Constant & Continuous Connection Between 2-4 Users
    • No Voice Activation. No "Push to Talk" Button
    • Completely Enclosed & Private Network Between Users
    • No 3rd Party Interference. No Licence Fees. No Ongoing Costs.
    • Full Duplex Communication: Just Like A Telephone Conference Call
    • Users Stay Continuously Connected Up To 15 Hours.
    • Up to 250 Meters Range (Line of Sight)
    • High Noise Hearing Protection
    • Can Wear With, Or Without, a Hard Hat
    • All Weather Design. Rain & Dust Proof (IP54)
    • Run Multiple TeamTRQ Headset Systems Simultaneously Without Interference
    • Use Anywhere In The World
    • Ideal for Crane & Dogman Operatiors, Event Managers, Directional Drillers, Heavy Machine Operators, Theatre Crews... the possibilities are endless.
  12. SALE!
    IP501H LTE Radio

    Icom IP501H LTE Two Way Radio - IP501H 4G 3G Two Way Radio, Icom LTE 501H Two Way Radio, Icom LTE Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $699.00

    Regular Price: $749.00

    • IP501H LTE Two Way Radio Powered by Optus 4G
    • Nationwide,  Secure, Blistering Fast, Private LTE Integrated Cloud, Comminication Network
    • IP501H raadio is the perfect hybrid between a mobile phone, allowing the user to call staff members directly in thieir company network. But unlike a mobile phone, your staff member will not be distracted by personal SMS, phone calls, games and so forth, interferring with team.
    • Need to use your IP501H in a noisy / industrial environment? Unleash Mission Critical Audio, via the optional but highly recommended LTE Power Mic™

    Optus 4G- Icom IP501H

  13. SALE!
    3M™ Peltor™ LITE-COM™ Plus Headset with Built-In Two Way Radio (MT7H7A4310-AZ)

    3M™ Peltor™ LITE-COM™ Plus Headset with Built-In Two Way Radio (MT7H7A4310-AZ)

    Special Price: $1,161.00

    Regular Price: $1,261.00

    • Built in Two Way Radio with 69 Peltor Channels (LPD 433 Mhz) . 
    • World Class Level 5 Hearing Protection (up to 105db).
    • Electronically control background noise in the headset. Maintain situational awareness: hear sirens, alarms or even people talking to you!
    • VOX / Handsfree Communication
    • Communicate with 3M Peltor LiteTalk™ Two Way Radios
    • Rechargable li-Ion battery with 20 hours operation time.
    • Shop with peace of mind. Radio Warehouse are the Australia / New Zealand Peltor Service Centre.
  14. DP4401 Front

    Motorola DP4401 Portable Two Way Radio

    • Integrated Bluetooth & GPS
    • World-Class
    • Industry-Leading Audio
    • IP57 (Rainproof / Dustproof) / MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
    • Motorola Australia 2 Year Warranty
  15. SALE!
    Go Pack Pro with Motorola ATEX DP4401EX

    Go Pack Pro - Rapid Deployment Bundle Package

    Special Price: $1,395.00

    Regular Price: $1,500.00

    • As Used By Special Operations Law Enforcement.
    • Mission Critical Quality. Custom Engineered, Pelican Suitcase (Crush Proof, Rain Proof etc). 
    • Built-in 6 Multi-Unit Charger.
    • AC / DC Power Input Options.
    • Laser Cut, Durable, Hard Foam For Maximum Longevity. 
    • Additional Storage Space For Accessories.
    • Ideal for Rapid Deployment, Transportation, Storage & Protection Of Radio System.
    • 24 Month Warranty.
    • Deploy Your Radio System Anywhere!
    • Compatible with select Icom, Kenwood & Motorola Two Way Radios
    • Bundle with Radios & Save!
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