WPSSTEP Acoustic Tube Earhook Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece

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Acoustic tube  Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece Only 

This is the Acoustic Tube  Secure Swap™ interchangeable earpiece, that is compatible with the Secure Swap™ microphone system for the WPSSM Era Microphone secure swap system for Motorola CLPe, Kenwood PKT-23X. Kenwood 2 Pin, Go Pro and Go Lite two way radios. 

With the Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece System is affordable for every staff member to be issued their own earpiece. You wouldn't share a tooth brush, so why share an earpiece that has sat inside someone's ears? The Secure Swap™ interchangeable earpiece promotes good hygiene, improved staff morale, increased productivity and lowers your long-term costs as the low cost earpieces, eventually reach their end of life. 

Looking for the microphone? See the below links:
WPSSM-CLPe (Secure Swap™ Interchangable Earpiece System for Motorola CLP107)
WPSSM-PKT (Secure Swap™ Interchangable Earpiece System for Kenwood PKT-23X)

WPSSM-K (Secure Swap™ Interchangable Earpiece System for Kenwood 2 Pin and Go Pro™ and Go Lite™ radios)

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