WPSSM-CLPe Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece System

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Motorola CLP107e Earpiece (WPSSM-CLPe)


The Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece System is a revolutionary earpiece system designed specifically for retail and hospitality operations, who utilise the latest Motorola CLP107e two-way radios. 

The Secure Swap Interchangeable Earpiece System is an attractive alternative for companies, who feel frustrated by the high, ongoing costs associated with replacing the Motorola PMLN8077/8 earpieces (RRP: $46) associated with the Motorola CLPe two way radio system.

Secure Swap Interchangeable Earpiece SystemThe Secure Swap Interchangeable Earpiece System provides the benefit of allowing you to use, low-cost, interchangeable Secure Swap earpieces, which lowers your long-term operating costs and promotes staff hygiene and morale at the same time. If your staff haven't already told you, they really dislike being forced to share an earpiece with another staff member, which causes them to resist using the radio as part of their job.

By assigning each staff member, their own low-cost, Secure Swap earpiece, this promotes not only good hygiene and improved morale & productivity, but personal accountability on the employee's part to take care of their work equipment.

As the interchangeable Secure Swap earpiece reaches the end of its life, or if the staff member is no longer employed by the company, the costs are minimal for either the employer or employee, to replace the Secure Swap earpiece at RRP $25 each, compared with replacing the Motorola PMLN8077 earpiece at RRP $46 each.

The Secure Swap Interchangeable Earpiece System uses tough, Kevlar cables for extended staff hours associated with retail and hospitality environments. Once the Secure Swap interchangeable earpieces are securely locked into place with the microphone, they cannot be accidentally pulled out, ensuring they don't fall out whilst your staff are speaking with customers. To disconnect the earpiece, the staff member must deliberately unlock the earpiece from the microphone, via the unique unlocking technique.

The Secure Swap Interchangeable Earpiece, contains an ergonomically designed curly cord located near where the microphone connects to the radio. This ensures that no matter what body type, or where the radio is worn by the staff member, the earpiece can be comfortably worn on the staff member's body. On the back of the microphone is a 360 degree rotation clip, ensuring the microphone can be attached to the staff member's uniform, whether it be a polo shirt, jacket, blouse, male or female work attire.

Exclusive to Radio Warehouse, and manufactured by global leading, specialist audio accessory manufacturer, Wireless Pacific, the Secure Swap™ Interchangeable Earpiece System will revolutionise your retail or hospitality operation when using the Motorola CLP107e two way radios


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