2.5mm WPSPK-TL Lapel Loudspeaker for WPiTRQ™

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Designed for use with the patented WPiTRQ premium ear microphones the WPSPK-TL Lapel Loudspeaker is provided with a 40cm tail with a 2.5mm 'Twist and Lock" plug so it connects securely with the iTRQ microphone harness. The lapel speaker is ideal where you need to sometime share radio traffic with those around you or perhaps when away from the public taking a meal break or just giving your ear a rest from an in-ear receiver.

FEATURES : Comfort Always™

  • Twist & Lock design
  • Use with WPiTRQ
  • Lapel speaker design, more comfortable than a remote speaker microphone
  • Loud clear audio
  • Premium quality connectors
  • Speaker Microphone alternative
  • Resilient and tough
  • Intelligent length cords
  • Excellent value

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