WPiTRQ™ Advanced Premium Lapel Microphone with Detachable Earpiece

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"Industry Standard Microphone & Earpeice"

This time proven government, commercial and industrial solution is now viewed as the "Industry Standard" in high-performance, OH&S friendly cost effective Earpiece Microphones for most industries deploying portable hand held two way radios. Designed for those requiring a truly professional presence where discretion nd protecting privacy is paramount to their day to day operation. 

Comfortable, exceptional high quality while still competitively priced, the Wireless Pacific iTRQ premium ear microphones are specially designed to allow your team to leave the iTRQ microphone harness permanently attached to the radio and simply swap earpieces when users change shifts. Each team member can have their own inexpensive earpiece, so as they are worn out, or the team members leaves or joins the team, the company does not have to replace the entire microphone.  Most of all this helps ensure the Employer's Duty of Care in meeting their OH&S is hygienically adressed.

Need a surveillance style earpiece? Simply team the ITRQ ear microphone up with an inexpensive clear ear-tube earpiece (WPTEP-TL). The earpieces are deliberately sold separately, so as earpieces get worn out or a new staff member joins the team, they can be easily purchased without needing to replace the entire microphone component. This brings down your long-term costs, and allows your team to be personally issued their own earpiece to remain responsible for. 

The patented twist and lock 2.5mm earpiece connection eliminates wear on the radio accessory connector, hence improving long term reliability and reducing radio repairs. Buy one iTRQ  premium ear microphone per radio then choose from a variety of cost effective, comfortable earpieces to suit the personal preference of every staff member. Personal issue of earpieces is not only good for hygiene, but helps increase user accountability and makes for happy staff. 

Want to Save and buy second earpiece so you never lose any comms capability should a staff member leave or an earpiece get inadvertently damaged. CLICK HERE

Sometimes prefer to have a loudspeaker to share the audio? Look here for WPSPK-TL special shoulder speaker version.

"The iTRQ™ premium Lapel Ear Microphone is the proven microphone of choice for Australia's three leading casino security teams, members of the police, nightclubs, restaurants... the list goes on. When you need a premium ear microphone that is comfortable, durable with clear, loud audio, look no further than the iTRQ. Exceptional high quality and performance." - Radio Warehouse


  • Great clean sound
  • Buy replaceable & affordable 2.5mm ear pieces to suit
  • Strong professional look
  • Single wire design
  • IP54 weatherproof
  • Twist & lock connectivity
  • 4mm Super enhanced cord
  • Whisper clear audio
  • Best OH&S solution
  • Patented design

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