UHF Roaming Frequency License

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A "Roaming Channel" is intended SPECIFICALLY for those users that usually operate at a variety of locations during the business day/week.

They are not intended for use by those who predominantly communicate from fixed locations, example: your business address, your shop or multiple shops, a long term Construction site, etc...however they are applicable for use by Tradies who may visit a construction site for a day or a couple of weeks and then move on to a completely different location.

A Roaming License is, for example, suitable for maintenance teams, or sporadic use at school fetes,  annual camping  excursions, temporary security personnel  deployments...i.e. any application where there is no ongoing use from one location. These private channels are the easiest to obtain and Radio Warehouse can complete all the formalities and arrange on your behalf while processing your order

Click Below to purchase your annual license or buy multiple years and know your radio system is always legally licensed and has not been forgotten with the demands of day to day business pressures .

You will be contacted by Radio Warehouse Customer Support team before your license expires to arrange an extension of otherwise as per your direction.

( WARNING: DO NOT apply for a Roaming Channel with the intention of using at fixed locations. The ACMA regulatory staff will find you and big fines and equipment confiscation may occur for deliberate misuse of the radio spectrum).

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