Motorola MotoTRBO Digital DMR DP2400e DP2600e Radio "Six Pack"

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Model Selection: DP2400e with Private Business Channel Programming
Audio Accessories: Standard "Six Pack" package - No Audio Accessories required
Go Pack Rapid Deployment Suitcase Integration: Standard Six Pack Package Only
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Motorola MotoTRBO Digital/ Analog Radio 

Six Pack Solutions

Our "Six Pack" packages offer great value and include a WP6WC series six way rapid desktop charger for a tidy and uncluttered work area where your radios  can be recharged at the end of the business day. Need to take your radio communications on the road? Our optional IP67 waterproof Go Pack Pro™ Rapid Deployment Suitcase integrated packaging is your 'take anywhere' answer.

The Motorola DP2000e series are tough and powerful digital / analogue two-way radio. The Motorola DP2000eseries are purposely designed for demanding professionals who need all the power of an operational critical Motorola radio. The DP2000e weighs only 288 grams!

The Motorola DP2000e series are the replacement for the highly popular, but now discontinued, Motorola GP328. The DP2000e radio's lightweight design is highly suitable for busy, fast paced work teams and may be of particular interest to warehouses, construction, traffic management, security, event management.

The Motorola MotoTRBO DP2000e offers exceptional audio quality and coverage. The DP2000e contains Motorola's Intelligent Audio processors which automatically adjust the volume of the radio to compensate for loud background noise, making the DP2000e the perfect radio for those working in loud or noisy work environments

The DP2000e models are rated to Ingress Protection (IP67) rated, meaning it is both water and dust proof. The DP2000e has undergone rigorous testing and exceeds U.S Military Standard Testing (MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G) and Motorola's own Accredited Life Testing procedure designed which are designed to simulate up to five years of heavy industry use in gruelling environments

The Motorola DP2600e overall design is similar to the DP2400e, however, also offers a crystal clear monochromatic display allowing the user to navigate throughout the menu system and channel list with ease. 

The Motorola DP2600e is a tough and featured packed digital / analogue two-way radio with keypad and 2-line display. The Motorola DP2600e 128 channel capacity makes this powerful radio purposely designed for demanding professionals who need all the power of an operational critical Motorola radio. The DP2600e weighs only 305 grams!

Download DP2400e/DP2600e Brochure / Specifications Sheet

What's in the Package

 Your choice of either:

- 6  x Motorola DP2400e MOTOTRBO - 32 Channel capable - No Display


- 6 x Motorola DP2600e  MOTOTRBO -128 Channel With Display and keypad


- Standard 2250 mAH Li-Ion Batteries 
- Standard UHF / VHF Antennas
- 2.5" Belt Clip Holsters
- User Manuals
- 24 Month Motorola Australia Warranty
- WP6WC-MT 6 way rapid rate charger (Wireless Pacific)
- Optional iTRQ™ "Industry Standard" Advanced Lapel Ear Microphones with wide choice of detachable earpiece types.
- Optional IP67  Remote Speaker Microphones
- Optional Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headsets.
- Optional Go Pack Pro™ IP67 Suitcase Integration.


Note: A second black Pelican® 1520 series suitcase is provide when our WPSHD Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset are selected.

 Go Pack Pro

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