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The Motorola CLP107e two way radio design is highly suitable for busy, fast paced work teams and may be of particular interest to restaurants and cafes, retail stores, customer service and administration staff, dental and doctor clinics, event coordinators, mobile catering groups, hotel reception staff or even manufacturing / warehouse / factory teams... any business, where staff are working in a fast paced environment and do not want a radio weighing them down or "getting in the way". 

The Motorola CLPe / CLP107e sounds impressive, the CLPe is both loud and clear as you would expect from a Motorola two way radio. As the Motorola CLPe is a private channel only radio, you will not experience any 3rd party interference whilst you use this radio.

CLPe radio operate only on private radio channels in the 450-470MHz UHF band. there are three ordering configurations: a/ when you have an existing channel, b/ when you wish to operate a fixed location and c/ where you operate typical from different locations  form day to day.

For b & c you should also order one of the following:

Fixed Location Channel

Roaming Channel

For more details on radio Programming  click here.

The Motorola CLPe / CLP107e two way radio comes with your choice of in-line ear microphone. For noisier work environments, like an entertainment venue with loud music, there is a clear eartube surveillance style earpieces available to purchase which also functions as an earplug to block out external noise. Where radios are likely to be shared or just for providing your staff with the optimum in hygeince protection we suggest the Secure Swap™ Ear microphone system which allows you to personal issue just the low cost earpiece to your staff while the main microphone harness stays attached to the CLP radio.

For ultra high noise environments that require hearing protection, such as manufacturing teams, the Motorola CLP107e can be teamed up with the CLPe Ready Wireless Pacific Smart Heavy Duty Headset, allowing work teams to have an affordable wireless two way radio hearing protection headset.  

Whilst the Motorola CLPe is small in size, it is built to tough commercial quality standards Military Standards Testing (MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F). This means the radio will not easily break when used in business environments, where the radio could be easily bumped or dropped. The CLP107e is suited for indoor or in dry work environments only, as no protection against rain is offered.


"The Motorola CLPe is the next generation of Motorola wearable wireless and is highly popular. You have already likely seen the Motorola CLP107 rolled out at Apple and Kmart stores around the country. This is a comfortable to wear two way radios available. Radio Warehouse are proud to offer this cost effective, low upfront cost, retail communication solution" -  Radio Warehouse


Download Restaurant Case Study Brochure

Download Retail Case Study Brochure

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A sleek design, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. IP54 and Military Standard 810H rated to survive dust, water, vibration, shock and temperature extremes.


Centrally located for easy use without the need to look at the radio.


The glow ring around the PTT button indicates active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan, volume level and battery level, making radio status checks easy and intuitive.


Power through a full shift with up to 18 hours of battery life from a full charge.


Compliment your workstyle with a variety of accessories exclusively designed for the CLPe Series.


Initiate an important call or alert users on another channel to immediately communicate a message in high-risk situations, keeping your teams and assets safer when an incident occurs.


Help your staff to easily learn the system with voice guided menus. The CLPe allows you to use pre-defined voice prompts for your channels or add custom voice prompts to help your staff identify the channel they should be using.


Multiple channels give you the flexibility to keep different teams on separate channels and keep your staff focused on their roles. Privacy codes can be added to protect communications from neighbouring groups.

See Brochure for more details!

Download CLPe Spec Sheet

Performance Specifications:
Power Output: UHF 1 Watt Rated 
Channels: Up to 16 Channels - Private / Licensed Channels Only (450-470Mhz)
Battery Life / Talk Time: 18 Hours High Capacity Battery - BT90)
Dimensions: 90 x 51 x 25mm (with Standard 1800mA Battery - BT90)
Standard Weight: 95 grams (with Standard BT90 Battery - BT90)
Operating Temperature: -10ºC to +60ºC  

Professional Build Quality Ratings:
Shock & Vibration: MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F
Water Resistance: No protection against rain or water.
Humidity & Dust: EIA 603

All specifications listed above subject to change and continuous improvement.

What's in the box

Motorola CLP107e Radio

- Programmed to your existing or new frequency 
- Earpiece of your choice
- Standard 1800mA Li-Ion long shift life Battery 
- Swivel Belt Clip Holster 
- 12 Month Motorola Australia Warranty

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