Kenwood TK3710 Analog UHF Private /CB Two Way Radio

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Kenwood TK3710 Two Way Radio

The TK3710 is a popular Kenwood UHF CB transceiver that is easy to use, rugged and perfect for almost any business/recreational application. Its dimensions excluding antenna and other protrusions are : 123 x 54 x 33.5 mm and weighs only 295 grams. Kenwood's dependable quality with all of their products produced is widely known, and the TK-3710 two way radio is no exception. By default the the TK3710 is supplied to work on the narrowband 80 CB channels, however the Kenwood TK-3310 can also be enhanced to offer 128-channel capability for commercial applications within the 450-500Mhz spectrum. And thanks to its superb audio performance and features like silent stand-by, this all-round performer is ready for any challenge.

Robust & Waterproof

You can depend on all-weather performance from this tough transceiver. As well as passing the demanding IP67 tests, the TK-3710 meets or exceeds 11 MIL-STD C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including “submersion”. Achieving these MIL-810 standards, means that this radio is built for commercial applications.

Clean & Clear Enhanced Audio

The TK-3710 also packs 500mW of audio power and offers superb clarity. As an experienced audio specialist, Kenwood has decades of expertise that is reflected in everything from component selection and construction to optimisation, evaluation and analysis. The difference is loud and clear.



As Kenwood's entry level commercial radio, the TK-3710 allows businesses with simple business communication needs to get talking instantly with Kenwood's known quality and reliability at a very competitive price point. 

The TK3710 may be best suited for:
Hotels (Housekeeping, Engineering)
Office Communication
Noisy Environments
Tourism Operators
Outdoor / Recreational Use

- Kenwood TK3710 UHF Radio
- Kenwood KNB-84L 1900mA Li-Ion battery
- Kenwood KSC-35S Rapid Charger & AC Adaptor
- Flexible whip antenna
- Belt clip

 Programming (Click here to find out more)

80 CB Channels ( Default)- Introduced by the ACMA in 2011, these are the new 80 narrowband CB channels that replace the original 40 wideband CB channels. These CB channels are license free public channels, and are best used for public communication purposes. Radio comes programmed for C.B operation as standard

Team 8™ - Radio Warehouse's Team 8™ is unique programming that adds 8 "onsite" team channels for you to communicate on without interference by other parties operating by chance on the same frequency. These are perfect for business use and do not require a licence to access. Other radios not programmed with our Team 8™ programming, will not be able to talk to your radios on these channels.

Private Analog Business Channel - Already have your own 450-520MHz radio channel? The TK-3710 can be programmed to add to your existing  system.  SAend de=tails with your order. Alternatively, Radio Warehouse can apply for your own ACMA approved private radio channel.

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