Kenwood TK-D340, UHF, Digital - Analog Two Way Radio


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Kenwood TK-D340 UHF Digital Two Way Radio

The Kenwood TK-D340 is a commercial grade, high performance, digital / analog hybrid radio, built for maximum ease of use. The Kenwood TKD340 is a favourite choice amongst security, nightclub and event management professionals. The TK-D340 is sleek, lightweight and easy to use.  Its dimensions excluding antenna and other protrusions are: 122 x 54 x 35.3 mm and weighs just 281 grams.

Don't be fooled by its small size, the Kenwood TK-D340 packs a punch and offers almost deafening, yet near crystal clear 1 Watt speaker audio. To put that in perspective, most radio speakers only deliver 50% of what the TK-D340 is capable of. Therefore, whether you are wearing an earpiece or remote speaker microphone, the TK-D340 will be easily heard in a busy event crowd, or loud music venue like a pub or nightclub. In fact, the TK-D340 audio is so loud, Radio Warehouse recommend that you only turn the volume dial up about 40-50% if you are wearing an earpiece to avoid going deaf. The TK-D340 delivers outstanding audio in critical communication situations, which is why the TK-D340 is for serious security professionals only.

The TK-D340 delivers more than amazing audio, the TKD340 offers your business all the benefits of a digital radio, priced very competitively. If running the TK-D340 radio in digital mode, you will enjoy better coverage than analogue. In addition, one of Radio Warehouse's technicians can enable digital encryption on your private channel, meaning that no one can interfere, nor listen to your conversation. With digital, you can keep your conversations private, secure and clear.

The TK-D340 is built to all the usual commercial quality benchmarks you would naturally expect: IP55 (Rain & Dust Proof) & Military Standard 810 C/D/E/F/G Approved. The TK-D340 comes with a Kenwood 2 Year Warranty, but in reality are built to last 10-15 years of every day business use.

The TK-D340 is sold in a flexible manner by Kenwood, which means you can team up your choice of optional batteries & chargers available. The Kenwood TK-D340 is sold with your choice of antenna (stubby or long whip) and belt clip. Radio Warehouse have teamed up with the world's leading specialist accessory manufacturer, Wireless Pacific, to offer you an alternative choice on accessories and battery chargers.

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