Icom IP503H LTE Two Way Radio


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Icom IP503H: Overview

The Icom IP503H LTE radio is a revolutionary two way radio system that provides secure two way radio communicated, over an 4G (LTE) two way radio network. LTE (Long Term Evolution) radio promises all the benefits of instaneous group PTT communication over distances not possible with traditional UHF radio equipment.

The Icom IP503H has a whole host of features including the ability to have up to 500 channels, with any UHF restrictions or limitations. Use your radios and connect with your team over Telstra or Optus 4G, covering up to 98% of the population.

Your communication remaining on the LTE cloud always remains private and there are no ongoing ACMA licence fees.

The IP503H allows the user to make group calls, or individual calls, both in "push to talk" mode (like a traditional two way radio), or hands free mode, which is commonly called "full duplex" / telephone style communication. By allowing the user to press the talk button once, and open a "full duplex conversation", this allows the users to keep their hands on the task at hand, whether that is heavy machinery or perhaps hospitality staff working in a busy kitchen.

Icom IP503H: Pricing 

Given the technological advantages the IP503H LTE radio will deliver over traditional UHF technology, Radio Warehouse are proud to support Icom's range of IP Networking Radios including the Icom IP100H and IP503H.

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