Icom IC41Pro IC-41Pro UHF CB 80 UHF Analogue Two Way Radio

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Radio Programming: 80 CB UHF- Default Factory Programming
Audio Accessories: None required
Radio Antenna Option: Long Whip Flexible Antenna
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Icom IC41Pro 

The IC41PRO is a highly popular, lightweight, "prosumer", water & dustproof, CB UHF two way radio that would suit a variety of outdoor hybrid recreational / business-lite, purposes. The IC41PRO delivers reliable performance in outdoor environments, in any weather environments, where access to the 80 CB UHF channels public channels is required. Its dimensions excluding antenna and other protrusions are : 111 x 52 x 30.3 mm and weighs only 270 grams. 

For those business users examining the IC41Pro as a potential upgrade from the the IC-41S / IC-41W, based on existing client feedback, you will be likely better suited to considering the IC-F2100D, which is the commercial grade version of the IC-41Pro. The IC41Pro, has come down in price, to compete in the recreational market that GME / Uniden, which despite both being highly popular for consumer / recreational purposes, we do not offer for our business / government clients. 

For those looking at the Icom IC41 Pro, for hybrid recreational use for sporting activities on the weekend, and low-impact, tradie / road worker business use, and may be considering Uniden or GME as an alternative, the IC41 Pro offers some attractive features such as a 5 year warranty.

For full-time, serious, professional businesses looking to upgrade to a new business system, the IC-F2100 will be better suited given that it's buit to Icom's higher tiered LMR engineering standards, louder 800mw audio and the ability to enable a scrambler / encryption on licenced LMR UHF frequencies.

The IC41PRO has 128 channel capability preprogrammed with the narrowband 80 UHF CB channels plus 16 CB repeater channels fitted. In addition, 32 private channels are available for programming of extra private channels within the 450 to 480MHz range. A popular programming combination most of our customers select is the 80 CB channels + the Radio Warehouse Onsite 16™ team channels which means this radio is also ready for business use.

Other smart features on the Icom IC-41PRO include Smart Ring and Automatic Transponder which acknowledges when other Icom CB transceivers receiving your call or are within range (ideal for mountaing walking). A unique Pocket beep function that audibly alerts when you receive signals from specified stations. Repeater lock-out function and a 3 level LCD backlight setting. The IC41PRO also has a battery Power save function, Radio stun, Low battery indicator and alert tone, auto power off as well as monitor, time-out timer, keypad lock and adjustable squelch level.  

Product Brochure

Basic Manual

Advanced Manual

What's in the box
- Icom IC41PRO Professional Grade, CB Two Way Radio
- 80 CB Channels Programmed (Ask for Team 8™ Channels if using for business use)

- Lithium-Ion Waterproof battery pack (Icom BP-280) (20 Hours Battery Operation Time)
- Rapid Battery Charger & AC Adaptor
- Belt Clip 
- Long Whip Antenna
- 5 Year Icom Australia Warranty (Does not cover accidental damage)

 Illegal Dealer Programming Software Notice

ACMA Radio Communictions Act 1992Please note, despite false / ill-informed advertising by some eBay sellers, there is no scrambler function available for the IC41Pro, nor can it be activated by the user. This is intentional. Enabling the encryption option on CB 80 UHF channels on your IC41Pro system, will put your organisation in breach of the the Radio Communications Act 1992. The ACMA actively monitors the UHF CB spectrum and imposes penalties of $165,000 / 5 years jail per breach, not to mention a confiscation of your radio system.

For those seeking a scrambler function for their business, who intend to operate their business radios on a private / licenced channel, please see the commercial version of the IC41Pro, the IC-F2100D. This is the "business" model of the IC41Pro, which has been designed specifically with the professional user in mind offering far more powerful loud audio, higher Icom engineering LMR standards, better ease of use, no menu systems, in addition to being able to enable the scrambler on a private / licenced LMR channel & frequency.

 nb: If you have accidentaly obtained an illegal copy of the IC41Pro dealer programming software, and accidentally enabled the scrambler unknowingly of the consequences, we strongly advise performing a factory reset on the affected units, and return your radios back to an authorised Icom dealer for licenced dealer programming. 

Programming Options Explantion:

Radio Warehouse's Team 8™ - Radio Warehouse's Team 8™ is unique programming that adds 8 team channels for you to communicate on without interference by other parties operating by chance on the same frequency. These are perfect for business use and do not require a licence to access. Other radios not programmed with our Team 8™ programming, will not be able to talk to your radios on these channels.

80 UHF CB Channels - Introduced by the ACMA in 2011, these are the new 80 narrowband CB channels that replace the original 40 wideband CB channels. These CB channels are public channels, and are best used for public communication purposes.

Personalised Programming* - Select if you have an existing radio system and need your new radios to match your existing system. Also select if you have your own licensed frequency and/or need to access custom features in the radio that are not enabled by default.

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