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Go Pro ™ DMR UHF Digital Repeater 

Sometimes  the wireless application calls for a little more walkie talkie...

Introducing the Go Pro™ series GPB, two slot, DMR digital repeater.  With native high and low power capability, correctly located, the Go Pro repeater will more than double/ triple  or more your  effective handheld communications coverage. Now your Go Pro™ Portables can talk wherever your feet take them.

Digital Voice Privacy:

Privacy is a concern for most organisations today whether that be in protecting clients details or sharing company processes, records or sensitive company knowledge. The Go Pro can be configured with a unique encryption key that means only your radios can listen to your conversations. The advanced digital encryption delivers the same clear audio that you get from the Go Pro in its standard digital audio mode delivery voice privacy without compromise.  In these days of every reducing privacy, embedded high level encryption ensure your work conversations stay strictly within in your employee teams  and not accessible to others with a $200 scanner who may want to disrupt your business or cause havoc by recording sensitive conversations and posting it on to social media.

Industrial standard - Premium quality:

Every facet of the Go Pro Repeater has been expertly engineered and painstakingly implemented to provide superior performance with the utmost reliability. Each Go Pro repeater is built to an exacting  standard which has historically only been associated with digital repeaters costing many thousands more that the GPB series.

Besides global technical specification compliance, the Go Pro repeater is designed to meet relevant fixed site environmental conditions as well as other pertinent operational endurance requirements. Unlike many other repeater designs, Go Pro features, a rock-solid, aluminium die-cast core chassis supporting all its radio electronics and associated audio and switching peripheral circuitry. The entire unit is then embedded into a traditional 19” rack mount housing featuring a colour LCD front panel fro accessibility and operation status assessment, making it the perfect choice for standalone or multi-base site arrangements.

Integrated Antenna Duplexer:

The Go Pro Repeater incorporates a high spec antenna duplexer which means installation is a breeze. Simply choose the optimum site location, install and connect the antenna network provided by your supplier. Now plug the GPB by into a nearby AC power point and you are ready to talk. Naturally your supplier can arrange installation services should your required coverage area require the services of professional antenna fitters.  

Battery Back-Up

Need 24 hour battery back up? Your Go Pro repeater supplier can provide DC battery back up solutions for locations subject to power failure and unexpected outages.


• 403-480 MHz
• 25/5 Watt 100% duty cycle operation
• 19” rack mount 2 unit high
• In-built DMR digital capability
• In-built multiple tone signalling 
• 16 Memory channels with in-built CTCSS/DTCS encoder / decoder



Model No GPB-D1  Frequency Range 400 – 480 MHz

No of Channels 16  with Colour Display

Dimensions 88 x 483 x 366 mm 

Weight 14kg

AC Current Standby 500mA

AC Current Repeat 4000mA Max

Operating Temperature -30º - +60º C

Storage Temperature -30º - +70º C

FCC Reference ABZ99FT4025 CE/ A/NZ Compliance


Channel Spacing 12.5kHz

Frequency Stability +/-0.5ppm

Tx Power (from Duplexor) High : 25W Low : 5W

Max Tx Duty Cycle Continuous

Max Frequency Deviation +/- 2.5kHz

Tx Transient Performance ETS 300-086/113

FM Hum & Noise > -40dB @ 12.5kHz

Cond. / Radiated Emissions -36dB (<1GHz)-30dB (>1GHz <4GHz)

Adjacent Channel Power < -60dBc

Audio Response +1, -3dB

Audio Distortion <3% 

FM Modulation 12.5kHz : 11k0F3E

4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5kHz : 7k60FXE

Digital Protocol/Vocoder DMR®  AMBE+2™

Tx Time Out Timer 60 seconds


Channel Spacing 12.5kHz

Analog Sensitivity <0.25 uV (12dB SINAD)

Digital Sensitivity <0.3 uV (5% BER)

Intermodulation > 71dB

Rx Blocking > 94dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity >65dB 

Spurious Rejection >-71dB

Spurious Emissions < -57dBm (9kHz – 1GHz)

Includes: AC Power Cable but requires Antenna network.

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