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The GME CP30 is an ideal entry-level, commercial-grade, portable 5 watt UHF radio ready for traffic management, construction and other heavy-duty industries.

GME Commercial has set a new industry benchmark for Australian UHF CB radio manufacturing standards via the release of the CP series walkie-talkies. 

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What are the GME CP30's features?

The GME CP30 is GME Commercial's entry-level UHF CB 80 radio, giving Australian businesses & prosumers the ability to communicate across 80 CB UHF channels, in a commercial-grade alternative to GME's recreational, walkie-talkie range of radios.

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GME CP30 is Australian Made and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is ingress-protected to IP67 (water & dust proof) and meets various MIL-STD-810G testing standards. After unpacking it from the box, our first impressions were that we immediately felt very confident holding the device and were delighted with its robust build quality.

The GME CP30 is popular among road, construction and other teams working within heavy-duty environments. The radio's loud & clear audio is broadcast at 1.5 Watts from its internal speaker, whilst audio accessories such as the MC012 remote speaker microphone are powered at 750mW. This radio & attached audio accessories allow you to easily hear your work colleagues over noisy background traffic, and machinery, noise.

As a dedicated UHF CB radio, the CP30 broadcasts at a maximum of 5 Watts transmission power on pre-programmed 80 CB UHF channels and should last approximately 19 hours of operation time. There are many other dealer-programmable features, such as a dedicated emergency button that Radio Warehouse can program for you. Please request "personalised programming" and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

What's in the box?

Inside the GME CP30 box includes:  

  • 5W Portable CB Radio 
  • 450-520 MHz Wide Band Antenna (AE4028)
  • 2600mAh Li-ion Battery (BP028)
  • 240V Single Unit Desktop Charger (BCD022) & AC Adaptor (PS005)
  • Belt Clip (MB508)

Programming Options

Default programming: The CP30 is shipped from the factory, ready to immediately operate as a CB UHF radio on the 80 CB UHF channels. Likewise, the radio's pre-configured CB buttons give users access to the user menu, where additional CB features can be activated. 

Dealer programming: The CP30 can also operate on private LMR analogue channels from 450-520 MHz, after being activated by Radio Warehouse. The radio can also be programmed with our Onsite 8™ team channels. Likewise, we can customise the features to ensure the radio system is compatible with your existing system.

If you are not sure about which programming options may best suit your operation, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


GME CP30 Brochure | GME CP30 Quick Start Guide

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