GME BCM002 Charger


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The GME BCM002 charger is a 6-way multi-charger that can rapidly charge either 6 GME radios that use the BP028 batteries, such as the GME Commercial CP series, CP30, CP40, CP50 and GME TX6600S and TX6600Pro walkie talkies.

The BCM002 charger is supplied with 240V AC and 12V DC charging leads, allowing you to take your multi-charger either on the road or plugged in the mains power outlet. The GME BCM002 will charge a flat battery BP028 battery pack fully in 4.5 hours.

Tip: Always turn your radios off before placing them in the charger. Additional instructions can be found in the BCM002 Operating Manual.

What's in the box? 

  • BCM002 Charger
  • 240V AC Power Lead
  • 12V DC Power Lead

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