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Motorola VX-456-M / VX456-M UHF 80 CB, Analogue Two Way Radio

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SKU: VX-456-M

  • Advanced worker safety features included: man down, lone worker, emergency button etc.

  • Designed for Mixed Commercial / Recreational Use (Adventure, Traffic Control, Event Management, Security)

  • 80 CB UHF Channel + Private Channel Ready (470-520Mhz)

  • IP67 Dust and Waterproofing

  • 8 Character LCD Display

  • 3 Year Motorola Australia Warranty

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Motorola VX-456 CB UHF Two Way Radio 

Motorola VX-456
The VX-456 is a dual mode CB and UHF Commercial portable radio. For durable, on-the-job responsiveness, the VX-456 maximises worker uptime with flexible communication options, expanded safety applications and convenient built-in features designed for both heavy duty and recreational use. Whether you’re on the job or an outdoor adventure, the VX-456 enhances your safety by providing reliable and versatile communication options. Exclusively designed for Australia and New Zealand, the VX-456 is fit-for-purpose in tough, rugged environments to keep you in touch, when communication counts.

80CB and Licensed Channel Compatible
As a multi-purpose radio you can use the VX-456 two-way radio on both private (commercial frequency) and open channels (citizen band). This radio is IP 67, robust, compact and lightweight; its designed for commercial and recreational use in both indoor and outdoor environments. The VX-456 is ready to use in CB mode, plus it can operate in 512 private frequencies with a channel license purchased through your local distributor. Built to perform The perfect radio to take you from work day to your next off-road adventure.

Radio Warehouse Motorola VX-456 Special
VX-456 List Price: $495. Your Price: $449!
Plus 3 Year Motorola Australia Warranty.
We are a fully Authorised Motorola Dealer.

VX-456 Industry Ready
The VX-456 is built to withstand heavy use; with its aluminium die cast chassis and durable plastic casing it meets military grade standards for ruggedness. It’s also drop resistant as well as dust and waterproof to a depth of one metre for 30 minutes (IP67 rating). Simple to use You’re easily able to switch between channels while it’s clipped to your belt and the display screen makes it simple to select different functions from the menu and you can simplify tasks further with the six programmable function buttons. Feature rich This radio is packed full of features, it has loud audio, perfect for working in noisy environments. It has a long battery life, lasting an impressive 16 hour shift! You can work hands-free with the optional addition of the voice-activated headset (VOX). Improve user safety with programmable options including Lone Worker features where you notify a central control point at timed intervals so you’re never truly alone and the Man Down option will alert your central control point if the radio tilts to a point that shows you may have fallen or are injured. Great coverage The VX-456 has 80 CB channels, 10 programmable receive-only channels and 512 private channel capacity with up to 32 talk groups. Combine this with its multi-site (Voting) capability it’s the perfect radio for large networks or commercial contractors who frequently move between job sites.

The VX-456 portable radio helps keep your workers safe 

Providing high durability and flexible communication options across any industry. Motorola’s VX-456 is designed for heavy duty, commercial and recreational use and is packed with safety features. This radio can alert you automatically if someone falls over and can help to monitor lone workers. It’s designed to suit many environmental conditions and offer long battery life to keep people connected. The VX-456 is a dual mode CB and UHF commercial portable radio which has been exclusively designed for Australia and New Zealand.


VX-454_HO 008

Loud audio

Equipped with 700mW audio output, an essential feature for noisy environments, the VX-456’s audio is loud and clear.


Dual frequency

Use the VX-456 on both CB and commercial channels – You have flexibility to use the radio on both commercial and entry-level sites.


Built to perform

Built to withstand heavy use with its aluminum die cast chassis and durable plastic casing, the VX-456 meets military grade standards (MIL-STD-810G) for ruggedness and can survive falls of 1.2 metres.


Great coverage

Including 80 CB channels, 16 programmae receive-only channels and 512 private channel capacity with up to 32 talk groups. The VX-456 can be used in all workplaces.


Lone Worker

Helps to monitor workers when they’re alone – They will be notified to check in at timed intervals to let you know that they’re safe.


Man Down

This option will alert your central control point if the radio tilts to a pre-programmed degree point that shows a worker may have fallen over.


Dedicated emergency button

Conveniently located on the base of the antenna and easy to activate, the large, orange emergency button ensures your workers can alert you as soon as an incident occurs.


Waterproof and dust resistant

With an IP67 rating, the VX-456 is water resistant to a depth of up to one metre for thirty minutes and is protected from total dust ingress.


Long battery life

The VX-456’s battery life can last up to 16 hours, so it won’t go flat in the middle of a shift.

VX-456 Features:

• Frequency Range 450-520 MHz
512 channels / 32 Groups in commercial mode
• 80 channels in UHF CB mode
• 5 Watts
• 7 Programmable keys
• 8 Character alphanumeric display
• IP Rating: 67
• 700 mW Audio output
• Whisper mode
• Compander
• Clear voice
• Voice inversion encryption (on/off activation)
• Minimum volume control
• Battery: 2300 mAh Li-Ion Uni
• RX/TX Battery powersave
• Auto-Range Transpond System II (ARTS II™)
• Channel announce
• Voice activation (VOX)
• Digital voice storage (option DVS-8)
• Man down (option DVS-9) with digital voice storage
• Radio-to-radio cloning
• PC Programming
• UHF high 450-520 MHz
• CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
• Dual 2-Tone Decode
• 2-Tone Encode/Decode
• 5-Tone Encode/Decode
• Remote Stun/Kill/Revive (5-tone)
• Emergency Lone Worker
• DTMF Speed Dial
• DTMF Paging
• MDC-1200® Encode/Decode
• Priority Scan
• Dual Watch
• Follow Me
• Talk Around
• Scan Set
• 32 Scan List

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Additional Information

Recommended For: No
Frequency Band UHF
Manufacturer Vertex Standard
Analog / Digital / IP Analog Only
Programming Capabilities 80 CB Public UHF Channels, Onsite 16™ Team Channels, Licenced / Private Channel
Channel Capacity 512
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) Yes (IP68)
Transmit Power (Watts) 4/5
Radio Frequency Band (Transmit) 450-520Mhz (Antenna: 470-520Mhz)
Radio Audio Speaker Power 700mW
Encryption / Scrambler Yes
Bluetooth (Option) No
Battery Life (Approximate) 18 Hours
Weight (If available) 0.34
Warranty 36 Months

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