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Do you have lifeguards, maintenance teams, administration or management staff that need to be able to communicate with the team? At Radio Warehouse we know that swim centres need reliable, easy to use, easy to wear, functional two-way radio / walkie talkie communication solution that can be operated by all staff with little or no training

Radio Warehouse only sell commercial and government grade two-way radio solutions. The radios listed in this category usually meet all US Military Standards 810 C/D/E/F build quality, environmental testing procedures, meaning they meet US Department of Defence buying guidelines. They also usually meet a minimum of IP67 ingress protection international standards, meaning the radios are tested to be both waterproof and dust proof. The radios listed below are typically built to last 10-15 years of everyday business use. 

The recommended solutions listed below encapsulate the very best radio communication solutions suited to swim centres.

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  1. SALE!
    Go Lite Radio

    Go Lite™ Digital Retail Radio - Subscription

    Special Price: $17.60

    Regular Price: $398.00

    Go Lite™ "Ultralight" Digital Retail Radio - Truly Wearable Wireless - ORDER ON-LINE NOW!

    Don't Buy!  Subscribe from $17.60 a month

    Now is the time to rebuild and re-energize your business after the CV19 pandemic. Why buy and commit your capital. 2020 has been tough on us all, so why not subscribe rather than buy? You're probably paying $70 a month subscription for your smartphone. Hey, you can even get a Mercedes on subscription nowadays!

    Get the perfect business communications tool that allows all your team to operate as a team and stay fully informed of whatever each is doing and what needs to be done.  Talk instantly, no delays no waiting, no sharing. Professional Retail Radio - your call!

    • Project the professional image your business deserves.

    • Impress your customers with your staff speed and efficiency

    • Reward your staff with smarter tools to help improve job satisfaction.

    • Save your capital investment for where and when it is most needed.

    • Charged to your credit card, quarterly in advance.

    • Start with two or three units and grow and your business needs do.

    • Once off Network set-up and account maintenance fee - $198.

    • iTRQ™Advanced Ear Microphone for just $7.70 a month  (doesn't include personal issue interchangeable earpieces- purchase separately for personal issue)

    • Ultralight WPMAD-K headset available for higher noise applications - Purchase required

    • Highly secure police-grade (AES) voice encryption. Emergency power back up for power outages

    • No eavesdropping from competitors etc. Keep your customer/client's details totally private.

    • No additional annual licensing fees. 

    • Outstanding audio from an amazingly small compact ruggedized ultralight wearable portable radio.

    • Clean crisp audio enhanced with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR).

    • Fully weather-resistant and built to take the wear and tear rough n' tumble of retail store life. 

    • Update your equipment subscription - new models-new capabilities at any time - no transfer fees

    • Return anytime if your needs change - Minimal contract commitment & exit fees

    includes desktop charger, belt carry holder, hand carry strap, high capacity battery, user card, and ongoing warranty/service.

    Product Brochure (click important documents below)


  2. Icom IP501H LTE - Powerful Loud Audio Remote Speaker Microphone

    Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ - Remote Speaker Microphone for Icom IP501H & IP100H Two Way Radios

    • Boost your IP501H audio output from 200mw to 1 watt. Audio is both loud and crystal clear!
    • Fully compatible with Icom IP501H & Icom IP100H Two Way Radios
    • Provides up to 24 Hours of Battery Life. Does not diminish battery life of radio.
    • Conquer any outdoor / high noise environment with ease. 
    • Unleash The Power™ of your LTE Two Way Radio with Wireless Pacific Audio Accessories (3M Peltor Manufacturer)

  3. SALE!
    Kenwood PKT-23X

    Kenwood PKT-23X / PKT23X Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $245.00

    Regular Price: $330.00

    As low as: $188.00
    • Perfect for national retail projects, restaurants, hospitality.
    • Highly attractive alternative to Motorola CLP107
    • Lightweight, easy to wear, no training required.
    • High quality Kenwood audio performance. 
    • Commercial grade quality. Entry level price.
    • Team 8™ Channels Ready
    • IP54 (Rain & Dust Proof), Military Standard 810 C/D/E/F, 1.5 Watts
    • Secure Swap™ Earpiece Now Available!
    • Commercial Quality & Durability
    • PKT-23X (Australian Legal Model)
    • Connect Your National Retail Chain With Radio Warehouse Retail Partner Plan
    • 36 Month Extended Warranty & Service Plan Option, National Staff Training Packages, Hygienic Secure Swap™ Earpiece
  4. SALE!
    IC-41Pro with Long-Whip Antenna

    Icom IC41PRO / IC-41PRO - 80 CB UHF Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $295.00

    Regular Price: $390.00

    • Entry Level, 80 CB UHF Radio for Hybrid Weekend Outdoor Use
    • Owners of IC41W or those who wish to use for business purposes, please see IC-F2000.
    • Supplied with 2280mAH Li-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger, Long Whip Antenna, Belt Clip
    • Huge Accessory Discount Available (Whilst stocks last)
  5. SALE!
    3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

    3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $399.00

    Regular Price: $849.00

    As low as: $324.50

    - 3M™ Peltor™ Litecom™ Two Way Radio
    - Ideal for Crane & Dogman, Directional Drilling Operations
    - A Two Way Radio System Your Business Can Trust
    - World-Class, Industrial Grade Quality
    - 16 Hours Battery Operation Time
    - Water & Dustproof (Ingress Protection: IP55)
    - Lightweight (150 grams)
    - Complete range of optional audio accessories (3.5mm & Hirose Connections)
    - Communicate with 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus & LiteCom III Headsets (LPD 433Mhz versions)


  6. Motorola VX-456-M / VX456-M UHF 80 CB, Analogue Two Way Radio

    Motorola VX-456-M / VX456-M UHF 80 CB, Analogue Two Way Radio

    • Advanced worker safety features included: man down, lone worker, emergency button etc.
    • Designed for Mixed Commercial / Recreational Use (Adventure, Traffic Control, Event Management, Security)
    • 80 CB UHF Channel + Private Channel Ready (470-520Mhz)
    • IP67 Dust and Waterproofing
    • 8 Character LCD Display
    • 3 Year Motorola Australia Warranty
  7. IC-F2000

    Icom IC-F2000, IC-F2000S, IC-F2000T Analogue, UHF, Two Way Radio

    • Commercial / Business Grade Model of IC-41Pro Model
    • This model is suitable for Business / Professional work applications.
    • Meets & Exceeds Various US Milittary Standard Testing Procedures (Shock Proof, Drop Proof etc)
    • Scrambler Option for Enhanced Privacy
    • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-Tight Protection
    • Channel Announcement with 5 Watt Power
    • No Keypad, Simple Keypad or Full Keypad Options Available
    • Privacy + Business Use + 80 CB + Business Grade Performance!
  8. XRD UHF - Wearable, Waterproof, Two Way Radio

    XRD UHF - Wearable, Waterproof, Two Way Radio

    • Wearable, Waterproof Radio - Only weighs 150 grams!
    • Attach XRD to belt, lanyard, sports armband, uniform attire... the options are endless.
    • Can Outperform 5 Watt Radio*
    • Two Way Radio & Remote Speaker Microphone In One. No more cables!
    • Mission Critical Grade & Reliability (US MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F)
    • Completely Waterproof & Dustproof (IP67) 
    • Comptaible with Team 4™ & Team 7™ Channels
    • 12+ Hours Battery Operation
    • Full Range of Compatible Accessories (Headsets, Earpieces, etc)
    • Licence-Free. No Ongoing Costs.
    • Lightweight enough for hospitality, tough enough for construction. 
    • Perfect for Retail, Hospitality, Event Management, Warehouse, Construction, Fork Lift Operators, Sport Teams... anyone who needs to keep their hands free, whilst working on the job!
  9. TP3300

    Tait TP3300 / TP3350 DMR Digital Two Way Radio

    The TP3 series is a unique, highly customizable portable radio from globally acclaimed New Zealand Manufacturer Tait. It operates both in DMR and analog modes and allows you to choose the color, display, keypad, and labeling for not only what meets your immediate but also your future needs. If your needs evolve, the TP3 allows you to change these options quickly and cost-effectively - any time! TheTP3 is the only radio that gives you the power to choose - and the power to change - with such ease and affordability. Two models are the general purpose TP3300 series and the TP3350 highly advanced model for the sophisticated user.

    • 450-520MHz / 136-174MHz
    • 4 Watts, UHF/ 5 Watts VHF
    • World Class Build Quality & Performance
    • IP67 (Water & Dust Proof), Mil-STD-810 C/D/E/F Tested
    • When quality rather than budget matters to you more

    See the Video

  10. Tait TP8110 / TP8115 / TP8120 Two Way Radio

    Tait TP8110 / TP8115 / TP8120 Two Way Radio

    • Radio of choice for Government, Emergency Services, Mission Critical Communications
    • World Class Build Quality & Performance
    • IP67 (Water & Dust Proof), 4 Watts, Mil-STD-810 C/D/E/F Tested
    • When quality rather than budget matters to you more
  11. SALE!
    Motorola DP2400e Radio, DP2400e, Motorola Radio 2400e

    Motorola DP2400e Portable Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $799.00

    Regular Price: $1,072.50

    As low as: $759.05
    • Industry-Leading Audio
    • High-Powered Performance 
    • 16 Channels (Digital or Analogue)
    • 403-527 Mhz
    • IP67 (Waterproof / Dustproof) / MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
    • 288 grams
    • Slim Battery Life: 20.5 Hours (Digital) / 16 Hours (Analogue) 
    • Motorola GP328 Alternative / Migration Option
    • Need a quote? Contact us!
    • Spring Special Pricing (Strictly whilst promotional stock lasts.) Be quick!
    • Compatible with Rapid Deployment Kit - Go Pack Pro™
  12. SALE!
    Icom IC-F4033S (IP67) Analogue UHF 128 Channel Two Way Radio

    Icom IC-F4033S (IP67) Analogue UHF 128 Channel Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $699.00

    Regular Price: $726.00

    • Upgrade Model of IC-41W Radio
    • HIghly Suitable for Outdoor Commercial Use
    • 450-520Mhz / Private Channels / 80 CB Channel Access
    • IP67 Water & Dust Proof
    • 5 Watts
  13. SALE!
    IP501H LTE Radio

    Icom IP501H LTE Two Way Radio - IP501H 4G 3G Two Way Radio, Icom LTE 501H Two Way Radio, Icom LTE Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $699.00

    Regular Price: $749.00

    • IP501H LTE Two Way Radio Powered by Optus 4G
    • Nationwide,  Secure, Blistering Fast, Private LTE Integrated Cloud, Comminication Network
    • IP501H raadio is the perfect hybrid between a mobile phone, allowing the user to call staff members directly in thieir company network. But unlike a mobile phone, your staff member will not be distracted by personal SMS, phone calls, games and so forth, interferring with team.
    • Need to use your IP501H in a noisy / industrial environment? Unleash Mission Critical Audio, via the optional but highly recommended LTE Power Mic™

    Optus 4G- Icom IP501H

  14. Swimming Pool Package

    Swimming Pool - Two Way Radio Bundle Package

    • Bundle Package Designed Specifically For Swimming Pool.
    • Everything You Need Is Included! There Is Nothing Else Left To Buy.
    • Commercial Grade Quality.
    • Proven Reliability & High Performance. 
    • Competitive Online Price.
    • Need A Quote Before Purchase? Call Us.
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Swimming Pool

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