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Icom IP100H - IP Advanced Radio System - WiFi Two Way Radio

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  • Your Own Private Two Way Radio Network!

  • Enterprise Grade Reliability.

  • Communicate Privately Over Your WiFi network. Expand Coverage With Ease.

  • No Internet Access Required. No Ongoing Fees Or Licences Required.

  • Radio Network Is Custom Designed To Your Business Requirements.

  • Make Individual Or Group Calls. Virtually Unlimited Channels.

  • Push To Talk Mode & Hands Free / Full Duplex Mode. 

  • Encrypted. Interference Free Communication.

  • Stealth Alarm™ & Loud Duress Emergency Alarm.

  • 1 Button Text Messages ("VIP", "Service", "000"... The Choice Is Yours!)

  • Connect Teams Over Multiple Sites Or Buildings. 

  • Made in Japan. World-Class Engineering.

  • Radio Warehouse is a proud Icom Certified Networking Partner

Icom Certified Networking Partner

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The Icom IP100H is a revolutionary, world-class, commercial-grade, two-way radio system, that utilises WiFi to provide your staff with two-way radio connectivity and coverage. 

It is now both affordable and easy to connect all of your staff located over an entire hotel, large retail store, university, or even mining project.

The IP100H system provides all of the benefits of an advanced, digital radio system without any of the limitations associated with traditional radio technology: No more radio "dead spots", no more expensive repeater systems and antennas installations, no more channel limitations, no more 3rd party radio interference, no more expensive ACMA licence fees, no more ACMA frequency allocation limitations. 

Furthermore, with traditional radio technology, it may cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to fit out an entire multi-story building with sufficient repeaters and antenna system to provide every floor of the building with traditional radio coverage. However, with the IP100H system, your coverage is only limited by your WiFI network which is vastly less expensive to set up. The IP100H system can either utilise your existing WiFI network or alternatively you can provide the IP100H handsets with WiFI coverage via Icom's own supplied WiFI access point hardware.

Note, the IP100H system does not require internet access. The data exchanged between the IP100H radio devices remains internal to that WiFi network and does not get transmitted over the internet. Therefore, if the internet goes down, it does not impact your IP100H radio connectivity. 

If you alternatively need coverage outside of the building or worksite, please consider the integration of the Icom IP501H LTE two-way radio, that uses 4G / 3G to communicate. The IP501H two-way radio can be seamlessly integrated into your IP100H WiFi system, to connect your worksite, to mobile employees based anywhere in Australia.

The IP100H radio is a small, lightweight, and easy-to-use radio which provides a battery life of more than 20 hours. Don't be fooled by its small, elegant design, the IP100H is an industrial-grade solution, meeting IPx7 waterproof and dustproof ratings. The radios are built to use in a tough industrial mining project, yet stylish enough for use in a retail outlet.

The IP100H system offers a full range of advanced features include: full encryption over the network to provide secure and interference-free communication. You can even send short text messages to other IP100H users. 

Need to make a private phone call to another IP100H user? When using the IP100H with an approved audio accessory, you can make full-duplex, telephone phone calls to other IP100H users on the same network.

Want to track the location of a user on your network? When using the IP100FS Remote Communicator, you can locate where all IP100H users are in relation to the WiFi access point they are connected to. 

The IP100H is ideal for users that want to create a radio networking solution using their existing WiFi network or in situations in which a traditional radio network will not suit or is too costly to install, the ideal system for a business who already have a WiFi network. The ideal industry applications suiting the Icom IP100H radio system include Hospitality, Hotels, Health Care, Education, Supermarket, and Retail Stores.

"Talk to Radio Warehouse about how we can make the IP100H system a reality for your business. The IP100H system offers all the benefits of an advanced digital radio network, at a far better cost, and without the limitations of traditional digital radio technology. The future is now." 

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Additional Information

Recommended For: Aged Care / Hospital , Cafe / Restaurant, City Wide / Nation Wide Coverage, Crane Operator / Dogman, Dental / Medical Practice, Dirty / Dusty Environments, Everyday Business Use, Full Duplex / Completely Hands Free, Live Event Production, Multi-Story & Large Buildings, Office Environment, Retail, Schools / Universities, Security, Warehouse
Frequency Band No
Manufacturer Icom
Analog / Digital / IP IP
Programming Capabilities Up To 100 Network Users / external VoIP
Channel Capacity No
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) Yes (IPX7)
Transmit Power (Watts) No
Radio Frequency Band (Transmit) IP
Radio Audio Speaker Power No
Encryption / Scrambler Yes
Bluetooth (Option) No
Battery Life (Approximate) 20 Hrs
Weight (If available) 0.205
Warranty 24 Months

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