X10DR XSMB-C14 X10DR Battery

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Replacement X10DR 1450mA Lithium Polymer battery.

Suits ALL X10DR models

End of Battery life?

when you notice the X10DR sounding a small chirp every five minutes, it indicates the battery is nearly flat and should be re-charged. The unit will self-power down when voltage drops to the minimum level. When you notice this occurring far more often than usual, it may mean it is time for the battery to be replaced. Like all re-chargeable products, periodic replacement of the internal battery is required. The handset features a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery. To maximize the life of a Lithium battery its is better to keep it topped up by returning it to the charger often rather than waiting for it to first go flat - which was the opposite case with older nickel-based batteries. Typically you can expect to get about 500 complete re-charge cycles before requiring replacement.


It takes less than two minutes to swap the battery while the covers off. Carefully remove the back cover with a small (no 1) Phillips screwdriver. Take extra care when unplugging and plugging back in the small battery connector. Also, make sure the back cover O-ring is in place before re-assembling to ensure the water/weatherproof seal is not hindered. Tighten screws tightly but do not use too much pressure.

*Replacement battery suits every model X10DR regardless of year of manufacture or back cover type fitted. Can also be used on 3M LiteTalk™ LPD Communicators.

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