Dual Radio "Plus Talkaround" Interface - Model:XFSB

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Provides for dual radio control with single or dual gateway connectivity or alternatively to provide two custom handset button driven switched outputs to attached 3rd party devices. Refer to XSJB/FSB installation instructions for further details.

Dual-radio transmit is achieved by pressing normal handset PTT for radio 1 and pressing the top, grey coloured Control button  for radio 2 transmit button. We recommend however, when used with an Elite Plus handset, that the handset be programmed such that the grey control button be programmed as a toggle switch so the main side PTT button can easily swap between talking over radio 1 ( LEDS glows Blue) or Radio 2 ( LED glows green).

All received audios are mixed and sent to all handset/s. If desired, radio 2 receptions can have a short audio beep attached to the end of each reception that users can be sure on which radio the reception occurred. The audio level adjustments allow you to set transmit and receive volume levels to each radio as well as the audio level of the radio 2 audio tag.

A single XFSB Smart Box allows three Elite Plus XRTG, XIVG (or standard) gateways allowing handsfree full duplex operation between all handset users (Headsets/earpieces required).  It also allows access to two host mobile radios or other wireless communications devices such as Sat Terminals.

Additionally, the XFSB can also be used with an XCCP the Console Command Panel to allow provide a Commander / Supervisor to decide what but can monitor or talk over which  radio. 

This configuration provides five X10DR Elite Plus handsets, one for the Commander and two handsets for subgroup A and another two handsets on subgroup B.

The package includes one XIC-0.15 flat, black, 15cm interface cable.

Note: Use of XDCI 12V DC-DC isolation adaptor is highly recommend when connecting to TDMA host radios example: P25 Phase 2/DMR/Mototrbo/TETRA etc

Note: handsets require specific button programming also.

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