X10DR® Elite Plus Extra Handset |XEX2

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X10DR® ELITE PLUS Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution

X10DR Out of Vehicle Communications System
Created by Wireless Pacific, X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters offer a revolutionary approach! Precisely engineered to provide world-class, mission-critical, mobile radio access, X10DR satisfies users all over the world. Most importantly, X10DR guarantees and upholds the complete reliability of your group-based mobile two-way radio system. It provides that last connection to flawlessly bond your team while away from their vehicles. X10DR-EX2

Elite Plus – Team worker solution

The XEX2 Elite Plus Extra Handset package is intended to be ordered where a 2nd or 3rd handset is desired to be used with an Elite Plus X10DR-EX2 or when ordering XRTG-EX2 or XIVG-EX2 alternate gateway components.

Elite Plus X10DR Secure Wireless Microphones not only provide cutting-edge on-site local team coverage but the best in class "Out Of Vehicle" communications solution in the industry today. Highly secure, they provide the highest levels of AES tactical encryption protection available. Handsets can typically communicate up to 700 metres, line of sight. However, when relay mode via a centrally placed handset, coverage up to 1400 metres is possible between distant handsets.


 The X10DR® Elite Plus Extra Handset |XEX2 is Wireless Pacific's premier communication solution. It provides secure communication with AES encryption for up to 500 metres. The exclusive license-free channel is created through frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. This handset is the perfect choice for law enforcement, public safety, and search and rescue operations, as it offers three AES portable radios for local communication, no matter the location. With a coverage range of 250 metres  between handsets and up to 1000 metres  via a gateway, this device is reliable and efficient. XPPC, the factory pre-configuration option, allows for instant out-of-box operation. The Elite Plus handsets can be configured as Command lead handset with one or two partners or in Automatic mode, dynamically reconnecting for local talkaround or hands-free communication. To ensure maximum voice protection, the X10DR Elite Plus system randomly changes encryption keys throughout

The standard XEX2 package includes:

Out of Vehicle Communications System, Elite Plus feature set, IP67 waterproof handset with AES 128 Bit Encryption, Handsfree, Emergency, Talkaround, Hirose audio port, Enhanced Spk Mic antenna, 1450mA Li-Polymer battery, integrated long mounting clip, XMVC mobile charger, 2 x XIC-0.5 interface cables, XDIA dual interface adaptor, user card, and 12-month warranty.

Always refer to your mobile radio's service manual and the XCA Master Charts  for correct configuration requirements. On the support page, you will also find the XGALA Audio adjustment level software tool. Use this together with the XFPK programming cables (found elsewhere in the global store) to set the optimum audio levels in and out of the host-connected radio/communications device.

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