WP Clear Eartube Surveillance Earpiece (V: Threaded 3.5mm)

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The stylish professional WPTEP-V translucent earpiece comes with about a 1M long tail with a 3.5mm threaded plug so it can connects securely with any product that features a 3.5mm threaded output jack. It gives you that professional look for your staff deserve. These acoustic tube earpieces are in use by all professional sectors of radio communications. These models feature a Quick Disconnect design to allow the acoustic tubes to be changed effortlessly.

The WPTEP-V are especially ideal for very high noise environments and come from our extensive range of plug-in ear pieces designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in all work situations. They deliver crystal clear audio, yet, are priced so you can choose what best suits your operational needs, without comprising your budget or your hygiene.

Remember Acoustic tubes do act as siphons during hot humid use and so from an operational and hygiene perspective it's smart to change them over on a timely basis. Radio Warehouse has replacements in bags of 10 or bulk backs of 100.

Please note: these will not fit into the standard 3.5mm output jack of Wireless Pacific products as you need a standard 3.5mm plug. These 3.5mm threaded plugs connect to Motorola accessories with a 3.5mm threaded output jack. 

FEATURES : Comfort Always™

  • Acoustic tube design
  • 3.5mm threaded "V" plug
  • Feel good polymers
  • Premium quality connectors
  • Clear crisp audio
  • Resilient and tough
  • Intelligent length cords
  • OH&S friendly
  • Excellent value


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