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X10DR® PRO PLUS Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution

X10DR Pro Plus

Wireless Pacific's X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater is a cutting edge choice for mission-critical, Out Of Vehicle communications. Crafted with superior care, they have gained mainstream use since their introduction in 2012 across Fire, Ambulance, Police, Electrical Utilities, Roads, and Forestry industries. X10DR is the frontrunner in flawless group-based mobile two-way radio solutions, connecting your personnel away from their vehicles. It delivers complete and informed integrity of your communication systems.

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Pro Plus – Solo worker solution

The X10DR Pro Plus model amplifies the power of your mobile radio, enabling you to talk 500 meters away from your vehicle - usually much farther than one would walk. It is the latest addition to Wireless Pacific's long-established 'out-of-vehicle' solution, and supports lone workers with advanced emergency and optional Mandown biometric monitoring. The Pro Plus model boasts an IP67 waterproof housing and Find Me™, a 'Search' button for multi-gateway roaming, and voice communications directly from the mobile radio.. This ensures users are always connected, and even helps to locate a colleague if they become unconscious while performing their duties.

Open Channel Group Communications

Open channel group communication fosters a strong team spirit - a work mentality that results from trusting an organization's wireless communication to an "open channel" two-way radio system. Law enforcement relies on two-way radio as the only foolproof way to share situational awareness among its members on an operational channel. Unless an officer leaves the vehicle. The X10DR Out Of Vehicle Solution allows all officers to stay informed whether in or out of their vehicle. X10DR core capabilities guarantees all members stay aware of conversations, so all are up to speed on the activity, be it driving down a highway or away from the vehicle while still completing their mission of public protection.

Staying Secure In Remote Work Environments

X10DR Pro Plus is an innovative device, allowing for effective communication between responders and their central command for up to 500m from the vehicle. An officer can stay up to date with new information and updates without having to leave their post and potentially lose crucial response time, making the radio a reliable source of communication and a protector of lives..

Mandown Monitor (optional)

The X10DR Pro Plus is equipped with the XMD mandown monitor, which observes the user's activity when the user leaves the vehicle. If the user is stationary for more than two minutes, an alert sequence begins with a 30-second warning before triggering the radio's emergency alarm. The monitor can be paused when needed, and the Advanced Emergency protocol includes the Live Mic feature to allow others on the radio channel/talkgroup to monitor the immobile user.

Installation and Audio Accessories

We carry a comprehensive range of Wireless Pacific of installation and premium audio accessories designed or optimised exclusively for use with all X10DR systems. This incudes XEC-4.6 extension cables, XMDM2 mobile mounting arms , WPiTRQ-x10 Lapel Ear Mics, motorcycle, heavy duty  and lightweight headsets to name a few. to view a complete range refer to the X10DR Accessories Brochure..

X10DR Pro Plus helps keep your loneworkers safe !


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