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X10DR® LITE Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution from WIRELESS PACIFIC™ 

Lite – Baseline solution

Wireless Pacific's X10DR Lite unleashes the power of your mobile radio, like never before! The X10DR Lite model is the most simple, extremely cost effective, yet safe way for your workforce to maintain group-based, two-way communication, ensuring your team’s effectiveness, whether your staff is working, in or out of their vehicles.

X10DR Lite, ensures you maintain your occupational safety & health (OH&S) compliance by allowing your staff to stay connected to their mobile radio for up to 300 metres when working away from their vehicle. Press the X10DR Lite PTT button and your voice is transmitted over your vehicle’s selected radio channel/talkgroup. Release to hear all conversations on your radio channel… up to 300 metres* from your vehicle. 

Radio Warehouse are a fully Authorised X10DR Distributor.

Open Channel Group Communications

Experience unifying and efficient team collaboration with X10DR® Lite - Model X10DR-LU1 Special Promotional Pricing. Empower your organisation with the exclusive "open channel" two-way radio system, promoting a sense of camaraderie and constant situational awareness among all members, on and off the road. The X10DR Out Of Vehicle Solution allows your field staff  to stay informed and connected at all times, whether in or out of their vehicle. With X10DR's advanced technology, officers can seamlessly stay connected and informed while completing your business critical needs, ensuring the highest level of service.

The Safe and Simple Solution

X10DR Lite offers the same reliable performance in off-vehicle communication as its X10DR Pro/Elite counterparts, but in a more streamlined package without the advanced features and additional cost demanded by first responders using the X10DR Elite Plus or Pro Plus model. Designed for all other mobile two-way radio users, X10DR Lite provides the same liberating and proven long-distance wireless microphone communication found in every X10DR released since its first patented conception. Your staff is just one button press away from calling for assistance through their mobile two-way radio.

Stay in Constant Contact

In today's ever-changing world, prioritizing the safety of employees and those they serve is crucial. While a radio system can provide nearby support, unexpected situations may require a driver to leave their vehicle to assist students or assess traffic hazards and environmental conditions. With X10DR Lite, those responsible for the safety of children can stay fully connected to the dispatch and response center, ensuring that no calls go unheard. Whether behind the wheel or on the streets, stay in constant contact no matter where you are.

All Informed Group Communications

Experience a strong sense of unity within your team through group communication. This ethos is achieved by entrusting your organization's wireless communication to our "open channel" two-way radio system. Whether inside the vehicle or on the move, X10DR Out Of Vehicle Solution allows your team to stay constantly informed. With X10DR Lite's advanced capabilities, all staff will be immediately updated on all conversations, providing crucial situational awareness for any task at hand.

Upgrade for better non line of sight coverage

Upgrade your X10DR Lite with our XMPA antenna kits, featuring a stylish "shark fin" design for improved reception of reflected signals and a more conventional roof or rack mount installation. Simply select from the drop down box for an elegant and exclusive upgrade option.

 Lite Features

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