Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ - Remote Speaker Microphone for Icom IP501H & IP100H Two Way Radios

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Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic

For those users planning to use their Icom IP501H or IP100H in a loud industrial environment, the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ is the perfect partner product, exclusive to Radio Warehouse, as an Icom Certified Networking Partner

The Icom IP501H comes standard with a 200mW audio speaker, making the radio's audio, whilst perfectly crystal clear, volume only suitable as an indoor communication solution. However, when the IP501H or IP100H teamed up with the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™, the remote speaker microphone unleashes the power of the IP501H boosting the audio output to 1 watt! The audio is both loud and clear and without distortion. 

The battery life of the IP501H radio is maintained, as the LTE Power Mic contains its own built-in rechargeable battery providing up to 24 hours of operation. 

The Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ ensures the Icom IP501H or IP100H is suitable for use any outdoor or noisy indoor work environment, such as construction sites, outdoor public events, when the Icom IP501H or Icom IP100H two way radio user needs to be heard above a crowd or noisy machinery. 

A free trial of the Icom LTE Two Way Radio is available from Radio Warehouse with the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™

Icom IP501H LTE Remote Speaker Microphone 1 Watt Audio Output 

Wireless Pacific - Global Leader in Mission Critical Two Way Radio Audio Accessories

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