X10DR 2.4GHz Full Duplex Wireless Headset Model: X10DRSM-EX2-HS

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  • X10DR based Full Duplex Handsets
  • Maximum two handset devices
  • Totally Secure AES Encryption
  • Exclusive virtual private voice channel
  • Wireless Duplex or PTT Headset operation.
  • No Cables On Users Body when clipped to headset band
  • High Noise Hearing Protection Model available
  • Lightweight and ultra light headsets available
  • FLX 2 interface cable for 3M™Peltor™ headsets available
  • Comfortable For All Day Operation
  • 12 Hours Plus Battery Life
  • Up To 250 Metres Range
  • Weather Proof, Dust Proof
  • No Licence Fees. No Ongoing Costs
  • Can Wear With Or Without Hard Hat

Invented by Wireless Pacific, X10DR Wireless Secure Microphones are meticulously crafted. They deliver outstanding world-class mission-critical performance. Their inherent unique capabilities allow two users to communicate directly with each other for up to 250 meters, line of sight, in full duplex handsfree mode without the need for gateway.  Importantly, X10DR ensures and maintains the encrypted integrity often essential for todays operating environments..  

 Four package configurations are available, each includes a Elite Plus X10DRSMEX2 Handset and single unit, desktop charger. Options allow you to additionally include :

 a/ WPSHD-X10 Yellow Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset with plug-in, replaceable connecting interface cable.

b/ WPHFH-X10 Industrial lightweight  noise cancelling headset with integrated interface cable.

c/ WPULH-X10 Ultra lightweight  headset with integrated interface cable.

Order with the headset that best suits your operation.  

d/ Should you wish to use with 3M Peltor Flex2 headsets (order separately), order the WPFHC-X10 cable version.

All packages includes a 240V AC/DC desktop charger.


1/ Both X10DR headsets need to be initially programmed for Auto Relay Model and be paired together.

2/  For Full Duplex mode, handsfree mode needs to be enabled by a quick double press of the top grey button on the X10DR handset. When handsfree is NOT enabled, then communication between handsets  is PTT style using the handset Side PTT button, or the cup PTT button on the WPSHD heavy duty headset, or where desired by incorporating the use of a XIPB inline PTT button (order separately)


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