Tait TP8110 - TP8115 - TP8120 Two Way Radio

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Tait TP8110 Two Way Radio

The Tait TP8110 is a world class, high performance, commercial two way radio from Tait Radio Communications. The Tait TP8110 is widely found throughout the Country Fire Authority and all senior levels of government here in Australia and abroad; hence the TP8100 series radio would highly suitable in any demanding commercial application or environment. 

The TP8100 series radio is available in 3 versions, 16 channel (TP8110), 128 channel (TP8115) and 350 channel (TP8120) models.  The Tait TP8110 is widely known for its high commercial build quality and meets, or exceeds a large range of Military Standards Tests (C/D/E/F) and is IP67 Rated (Water Submersible & Dust Proof). Those who know Tait radios speak proudly of Tait's reliability, high quality and sensible commercial pricing. We here at Radio Warehouse, couldn't agree more.

The Tait TP8100 Series Radio will be suitable for the commercial user who demands world-class quality and is not hindered by budgetary constraints. 

TP8110 Suitability

The TP8100 series radios are now adopted by the Country Fire Authority and many senior levels of Federal & State government departments. The TP8110 / TP8115 / TP8120 would be highly suitable for any demanding government or commercial application requiring a high performance, world class, commercial two way radio. 

What's in the box?

- Tait Radio (TP8110, TP8115 or TP8120)
- Tait 2000mA Li-Ion Battery & Belt Clip
- No charger supplied by Tait. Click here to order a Tait T03-00013-ABAA 6 Way charger


The Tait TP8100 radios can be programmed as to your requirements.
The radios can have a mixed range of Onsite 16™ channels, CB Channels, Repeater Channels or any other private licensed channel required to be programmed in. The TP8100 radios come in three models...
TP8110 - 16 Channels Available
TP8115 - 128 Channels Available
TP8120 - 350 Channels Available

Download TP8100 Specs Sheet

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