WPRSM-328 Waterproof Head Remote Speaker Microphone for Motorola GP328

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Need a remote speaker microphone for the Motorola GP328 and Motorola GP329 two way radios? Here is an extremely high quality, compact Remote Speaker Microphone manufactured by specialist audio accessory manufacturer Wireless Pacific. This remote speaker microphone offers exceptional performance for all business and commercial radios users of Motorola GP328 and Motorola GP329 two way radios. 

The rugged compact IP67* waterproof Remote Speaker Microphones deliver outstanding audio, drop resilient and the microphone head is rated to IP67 submersion capability and offers protection against damage. The microphone head is totally protected from dust and can be submerged in water to 1m (3ft) for up to 30 minutes without any leakage and damage to the internal components of the RSM head. This microphone is fully compatible with the Motorola GP328 and Motorola GP329 two way radios.

Engineered to suit all traditional, demanding two-way applications, they provide for greater flexibility and convenience. The units feature a rugged belt clip that can be rotated to any convenient position and feature a high tactile PTT button.


  • IP67 waterproof head microphone
  • Fully compatible with Motorola GP328 and Motorola GP329 two way radios.
  • 12 month warranty
  • 8 position 360 degree rotary clip
  • Resilient retractable cables
  • Premium quality connectors
  • Excellent value
* Note that the head of the microphone is IP67 (water submersible proof / dust proof), which makes it ideal to be worn in extremely wet or dusty conditions. However, the Motorola GP328 / Motorola GP329 are rated at a lower IP54 standard (rain proof / dust resistant), which means the connection between the microphone and radio are IP54, not IP67. In practical terms, some mining companies will have their employees wear their radios under their clothes to protect the radio from dust, whilst the IP67 head microphone can remain outside of the clothing and exposed to the elements.

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