Kenwood NX-1300 TK3710 - WP6WC-45L Li-Ion 6 Bay Multi Charger -Alternative for Kenwood KSC-356

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Kenwood Compatible 6 Bay Multi Battery Charger 

(Great Kenwood KSC-356 Alternative!)


This 6 way smart multi-charger made by Wireless Pacific charges most of the Kenwood range of professional radios that charge the KNB-45L batteries. This charger may provide an attractive competitively priced alternative to the Kenwood KSC-356 6 Way rapid charger which are priced RRP $1100.00 

Charge 6 radios or 6 batteries
Fully compatible with Kenwood NX-1300 / NX1200 / NX-340 / NX-240 / TK-3710 /TK-D340 / TK-D240 / TK3317 / TK-3317 / TK3310 / TK-3310 / TK-3407 / TK-2317 / TK-2407

Fully compatible with Kenwood KNB-45L batteries.
Stylish design
Great value

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