Kenwood NXDN/DMR Digital NX1300 / TK3710 Analog Radio "Six Pack"

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Model Selection: TK3710 with Team8™ Business Analog CB Channel Programming
Audio Accessories: Standard "Six Pack" package - No Audio Accessories required
Go Pack Rapid Deployment Suitcase Integration: Standard Six Pack Package Only
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Kenwood Digital/ Analog Radio Packages 

Six Pack Solutions

Our "Six Pack" packages offer great value and include a WP6WC series six way rapid desktop charger for a tidy and uncluttered work area where your radios  can be recharged at the end of the business day. Need to take your radio communications on the road? Our optional IP67 waterproof Go Pack Pro™ Rapid Deployment Suitcase integrated packaging is your 'take anywhere' answer.

NX-1300 Series Radios 

The Kenwood NX-1300 is a full professional commercial grade digital radio suitable for nearly any application. It is lightweight, built to vigorous MIL-810 Standards and is built with Kenwood's known high audio quality components.

If you are thinking of harnessing the latest digital protocols – NXDN or DMR – to enhance business efficiency, the NX-1300 has you covered. Our One-“K”-Fits-All solution offers the widest selection of two-way radios for everyday use. The NX-1300 model includes basic a half keypad with a high-contrast backlit LCD, antenna and KNB-84L 1900mA long life Li-Ion battery.

Other features include a 7-color LED indicator and the popular KENWOOD 2-pin audio accessory connector.  Plus, mixed-mode operation ensures seamless integration with legacy radios while smoothing the onward migration path to digital. But whatever your specific needs, audio quality is what determines clear voice communications – which is why KENWOOD radios are used under the most grueling conditions, like the cockpit of a racing car. Thanks to our extensive experience with professional systems, reliability is second to none. So whatever your radio requirements, KENWOOD’s NX-1300 offers a single platform that’s right for you.

Kenwood NX-1300 Brochure

TK-3710 Series Radios 

Kenwood TK3710 Analog Two Way Radio

The TK3710 is a popular Kenwood UHF Professional / CB transceiver that is easy to use, rugged and perfect for almost any business/recreational application. Kenwood's dependable quality with all of their products produced is widely known, and the TK-3710 two way radio is no exception. By default the the TK3710 is supplied to work on the narrowband 80 CB channels, however the Kenwood TK-3310 can also be enhanced to offer 128-channel capability for commercial applications within the 450-500Mhz spectrum. And thanks to its superb audio performance and features like silent stand-by, this all-round performer is ready for any challenge.

Robust & Waterproof

You can depend on all-weather performance from this tough transceiver. As well as passing the demanding IP67 tests, the TK-3710 meets or exceeds 11 MIL-STD C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including “submersion”. Achieving these MIL-810 standards, means that this radio is built for commercial applications.

Clean & Clear Enhanced Audio

The TK-3710 also packs 500mW of audio power and offers superb clarity. As an experienced audio specialist, Kenwood has decades of expertise that is reflected in everything from component selection and construction to optimisation, evaluation and analysis. The difference is loud and clear. 

Kenwood TK-3710 Brochure

What's in the Package?

Choose either:

- 6  x Kenwood NX1300 Digital portable radios - 256 Channel capable -Standard keypad model with Display

- 6  x Kenwood TK3710 Analog/CB portable radios- 128 Channel -Standard keypad model with Display


- WP6WC-K 6 way rapid rate desktop charger (Wireless Pacific)

- Standard High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries 
- Standard UHF Antennas
- 2.5" Belt Clip Holsters
- User Manuals
- 12 Month Kenwood Australia Warranty

- Optional iTRQ™ "Industry Standard" Advanced Lapel Ear Microphones with wide choice of detachable earpiece types

- Optional WPSHD-K  Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset

- Optional WPMAD-K Light weight Headset

- Optional WPULH-K  Ultra Lighweight Headset

- Optional WPRSM-KW  IP67 rated Compact Remote Speaker Microphone

- Optional Go Pack Pro™ IP67 Suitcase Integration.

Note: A second black Pelican® 1520 series suitcase is provide when our WPSHD Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset are selected.

Go Pack Pro

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