Kenwood KNB-45L 2000mA Lithium Ion Battery

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KNB-45L - Kenwood TK3310 / TK3317 / TK2317 2000mA Lithium Ion Battery

The Kenwood KNB-45L 2000mA Lithium Ion Battery is designed to fit multiple Kenwood radios including the Kenwood TK3310 / TK3317 / TK2317 which we stock. 

The KNB45L will also fit the following Kenwood two way radios:

Kenwood TK2202
Kenwood TK3202
Kenwood TK-2200
Kenwood TK-2200L
Kenwood TK-2200P
Kenwood TK-2200LP
Kenwood TK-2202
Kenwood TK-2202E
Kenwood TK-2206
Kenwood TK-2206M
Kenwood TK-2207
Kenwood TK-2207G
Kenwood TK-2212L
Kenwood TK-2212M
Kenwood TK-2300VP
Kenwood TK-2302E
Kenwood TK-2302T
Kenwood TK-2302VK
Kenwood TK-2306M
Kenwood TK-2307M
Kenwood TK-3200
Kenwood TK-3200L
Kenwood TK-3200P
Kenwood TK-3200LP
Kenwood TK-3202
Kenwood TK-3202E
Kenwood TK-3202E3
Kenwood TK-3206
Kenwood TK-3206M
Kenwood TK-3206M3
Kenwood TK-3207
Kenwood TK-3207G
Kenwood TK-3212L
Kenwood TK-3212M
Kenwood TK-3300UP
Kenwood TK-3301E
Kenwood TK-3301T
Kenwood TK-3302E
Kenwood TK-3302E3
Kenwood TK-3302T
Kenwood TK-3302UK
Kenwood TK-3306M3
Kenwood TK-3307M2

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