Icom BC228 Power adaptor

IcomSKU: BC228

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The Icom BC228 Power adaptor is compatible with the following connectable desktop chargers:

  • BC-202IP3L Connectable Desktop Charger (Icom IP501H / IP503H / IP503H Lite)
  • BC-257 Connectable Desktop Charger (Icom IP110H)
  • BC-226 Connectable Desktop Charger (Icom F4400D / IC-F62D / IP740D)

The BC228 provides enough power for the following combinations
2-6 x BC-202IP3L Chargers
2-4 x BC-257 Chargers
2-6 x BC-226 Chargers.

Input Voltage 100 - 240 V AC
Output Voltage 15 V DC
Output Current 4 A
Connector Information Φ5.5 mm (outer)/Φ2.1 mm (inner) / 9.5 mm Length
Cable Length

DC Output: 1200 mm; 47.2 in

AC Input: 1830 mm; 72.0 in

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