HKLN4603 Motorola 1 wire Ear Mic for CLP

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HKLN4487A Motorola CLP Single Pin Surveillance Earpiece with PTT

The HKLN4603A Motorola CLP Single Pin Surveillance Earpiece with PTT suits the Motorola original series CLP Radios including the Motorola CLP107 and Motorola CLP117 two way radios. The HKLN4603A contains a long cord, which means the CLP can be attached to the belt clip whilst using this earpiece. It also contains a PTT inline on the earpiece cord, meaning the PTT can be pressed on the earpiece cord, in addition to the PTT on the radio. 

The HKLN4603A CLP Surveillance Earpiece is suitable for high noise environments, as the clear eartube partly functions as an earplug in the ear it is plugged into. 

Covered by Motorola Australia Warranty.


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