Go Pro™ DMR Digital Radio "Six Pack"

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Wireless Pacific™ Go Pro™ DMR / Analog Radio 

Six Pack Solutions

Our "Six Pack" packages offer great value and include a WP6WC series six way rapid desktop charger for a tidy and uncluttered work area where your radios  can be recharged at the end of the business day. Need to take your radio communications on the road? Our optional IP67 Go Pack Pro™ waterproof Rapid Deployment Suitcase integrated packaging is your 'take anywhere' answer.

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Industrial Standard - Premium Quality:

From inception to production, every detail of the Go Pro has been finely crafted to provide superior performance with the utmost reliability. It is built to a standard that has traditionally only been associated with digital radios typically costing $1000 or more. Besides global technical compliance, the Go Pro radio is designed to meet IP-54 weatherproof environmental conditions as well as shock, vibration, and other operational environmental endurance. Naturally, it features a rock-solid, aluminum die-cast chassis with an ultra-rugged, high impact, polymer blend housing making it the perfect choice for the most extreme weather conditions wherever your business takes you.

500 mWatts RMS Audio Output:

The GO Pro radio delivers outstanding speaker audio. The audio is crystal clear and at full volume delivers more audio than most users will ever need even in the noisiest of situations. For its ultralight compact size it's amazing!

Digital Voice Privacy:

Privacy is a concern for most organisations today whether that be in protecting clients' details or sharing company processes, records, or sensitive company knowledge. The Go Pro can be configured with a unique encryption key that means only your radios can listen to your conversations. The advanced digital encryption delivers the same clear audio that you get from the Go Pro in its standard digital audio mode delivery voice privacy without compromise.

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Digital Now or Later

Buy a full-featured Analog model today and upgrade to the latest digital DMR operation as your communications needs evolve. Alternatively,  cut straight to the chase and equip your staff with radio communications latest digital benefits including more consistent and better quality signals throughout the coverage area and with the added benefit of public safety grade voice encryption to make sure what gets said on your radio equipment is for your staff's ears only.


A range of premium accessories allows you to get the most out of your GO Pro radio and is designed to help you to work easily and work safely. Wireless Pacific iTRQ™ advanced ear microphone systems are an industry standard and allow the personal issue of a variety of comfortable earpieces so hygiene and OH&S duty of care are addressed while ensuring your conversations stay private.

Looking for something more simple? Our WPSSM-K Secure Swap™ in-line ear microphone kits with replaceable earpieces for personal staff issues are another great choice.

Our stylish lightweight WPMAD-K headsets are ideal for stock take and office duties and deliver day-long comfort and excellent intelligibility and feature a noise-canceling microphone. Want something even lighter and less obtrusive ? Then check out our ultra lightweight WPULH-K ear hook earpiece with boom microphone. Our WPSHD-K noise-canceling heavy-duty headset provides excellent hearing protection in the most extreme noise environments while ensuring every message comes through loud and clear.

Each Six Pack Package includes 6 x Go Pro™ UHF portable radios complete belt clip and wrist strap carry accessory and a desktop WP6WC-GO series 6 way rapid charger. A neck lanyard for easy all day wear is also available. If you are unsure, talk to your Radio Warehouse Customer Support representative about what accessories will best suit your specific needs.

Standard features include:

• DMR digital and analog models.              • 500 mW speaker audio.

• Digital voice encryption.                           • Embedded colour LED.

• Industrial grade design.                            • IP-54 rated water/dust. 

• Premium-quality design.                          • 2200mA Li-POL battery.

• 250 channels.                                            • Voice annunciation.

• AC/DC 6 way desktop charger.                 • 1 year warranty.


What's in the Package?

- 6  x Go Pro™ DMR Digital/ Analog portable radios 


- WP6WC-GO 6 way rapid rate desktop charger (Wireless Pacific)

- High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries 
- Inbuilt UHF Antennas
- Belt Clip Holsters- Carry strap
- 12 Month Wireless Pacific  Warranty

- Optional iTRQ-K™ "Industry Standard" Advanced Lapel Ear Microphones with wide choice of detachable earpiece types

- Optional WPSHD-K  Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset

- Optional WPMAD-K Light weight Headset - Optional WPULH-K  Ultra Lighweight Headset

- Optional WPRSM-KW  IP67 rated Compact Remote Speaker Microphone - Optional Go Pack Pro™ IP67 Suitcase Integration.

Note: A second black Pelican® 1520 series suitcase is provide when our WPSHD Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset options are selected.

Carry holderGo BatteryWriststrap  Go Pro Six way charger

Go Pack Pro 


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