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A "Fixed Channel" is intended SPECIFICALLY for those business users that operate their radio equipment at the same locations - week in week out. They are also suited for chain store owners that have multiple, fixed location, stores across the city where common radio equipment is desired to be used in every store.  

These private and subsequently "more exclusive" channels require an prior initial search, by Frequency Management Allocation Specialists accredited by ACMA, to be undertaken of other users operating in your geographic vicinity so as to minimise the likelihood that you will interfere with another Fixed Private Channel user or they with you.

 A Fixed Location Channel will take a few weeks to be licensed and allocated to your business. Radio Warehouse can complete all these ACMA regulatory requirements and formalities on your behalf while processing your order including programming your purchased radio equipment to maximise your communications privacy and effectiveness.

Click below to purchase your annual ( or multiple year) Fixed Location license including your initial 'Once Off' Fixed Frequency Management Allocation Fee .

 After the paid License validity expires you will be contacted by an ACMA representative to extend your annual licensing where desired.

ACMA Radio Communictions Act 1992

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