Wireless Pacific™ WPULH Series Ultra-Lightweight Headset

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For use with:: WPULH-K2 Use With Go Pro™ and Go Lite™ Digital Radios
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These Wireless Pacific premium ultra-lightweight headsets provide excellent transmission quality. By positioning the microphone close to your lips, they transmit your voice minimal background noise so your message comes through loud and clear every time. Designed for all-day wear, they provide clear communications in all work environments. The rugged,  in-line PTT adaptor button provides greater convenience especially when your hands are already busy. 

The headsets are designed for all-day wear and are made for user comfort.

FEATURES: Lightweight

  • Single Side Earhook design
  • Rugged In-Line PTT button (K, CLPe and PKT models)
  • Popular design
  • Moveable microphone arm
  • comfortable all day wear
  • Clear crisp audio
  • OH&S friendly
  • Excellent value


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