3.5mm Large Black Earhook, 'Police Style', 'Listen Only' Earpiece (WPEH)

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The ultra comfortable WPEH translucent earpiece comes with about a 40cm tail with a 3.5mm plug so it can connect securely with any WP series Remote Speaker Microphone or other products with a standard 3.5mm speaker output jack. The ultra comfortable WPEH features a large "across ear" black earpiece for users whose ears are easily irritated by your every day IPod type earpiece. Since their introduction, the WPEH earpieces have become very popular with Police agencies and the like. The WPEH come from our extensive range of plug-in ear pieces designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in all work situations. They deliver crystal clear audio, yet, are priced so you can choose what best suits your operational needs, without comprising your budget or your hygiene.

FEATURES : Comfort Always™

  • Large across ear design
  • 3.5mm standard mono plug
  • Feel good polymers
  • Premium quality connectors
  • Clear crisp audio
  • Resilient and tough
  • Intelligent length cords
  • OH&S friendly
  • Excellent value

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