IC-M25EURO is Icom's newest addition to their commercial-grade, marine radio range. Inspired by the IC-M23, the IC-M25EURO has kept the IC-M23's most popular features including 'Float'n Flash' and the IPX7 water-proof rating. 

The IC-M25EURO has however gained some additional improvements on the IC-M23 such as, coming equipped with USB charge functionality allowing the user to charge their IC-M25EURO on the go; a significantly louder audio speaker now rated at 550mW (vs 200mW on the IC-M23) providing louder and clearer audio quality; and finally the inclusion of an audio accessory port, allowing the user to connect a remote speaker microphone to the IC-M25EURO for more hands free operation. 

The IC-M25EURO is now available to purchase at Radio Warehouse