To help you make the right purchase of your two-way radio communication asset, two-way radio manufacturers have adopted the internationally recognised 
Ingress Protection Rating, commonly known as the "IP Rating", which provides a recognised standard for how well your radio will withstand exposure to environmental solids (usually dust) and liquids (water). 

We have broken down the IP rating system in the into the following table:

IP Rating

Most commercial and government grade two-way radios will be rated at a minimum of IP54, it means that the radio is provided with both (Dust: 5) "Limited protection against dust ingress (no harmful deposits) and (Water: 4) "Protected against water sprayed from any direction. Limited Ingress permitted". In essence, we would describe an IP54 rated radio as both rain and dustproof. IP54, has been the standard of ingress protection on radios used by both police and fire-fighters in Australia for the last 30 years and radios rated to a minimum of this level of IP54 protection, will suit most businesses, operating in any weather environment perfectly fine.

For those working around swimming pools, where there is a real and ongoing risk to the radio being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, we would recommend considering an IP67 rated radio such as the Icom IC-41Pro, or the Vertex Standard VX-456 at a minimum. We would also recommend an IP67 rated radio for extremely dusty environments, such a gold miners, or woodchip mills. 

Whilst using a two-way radio on the job, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your communication link to your team, and your safety, is going to stand up to the environmental conditions your team are operating in. 
If you need any further recommendations on the right radio solution for your work application please contact us for an obligation free quotation.