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XRD UHF - Wearable, Waterproof, Two Way Radio

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  • Wearable, Waterproof Radio - Only weighs 150 grams!

  • Attach XRD to belt, lanyard, sports armband, uniform attire... the options are endless.

  • Can Outperform 5 Watt Radio*

  • Two Way Radio & Remote Speaker Microphone In One. No more cables!

  • Mission Critical Grade & Reliability (US MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F)

  • Completely Waterproof & Dustproof (IP67) 

  • Comptaible with Team 4™ & Team 7™ Channels

  • 12+ Hours Battery Operation

  • Full Range of Compatible Accessories (Headsets, Earpieces, etc)

  • Licence-Free. No Ongoing Costs.

  • Lightweight enough for hospitality, tough enough for construction. 

  • Perfect for Retail, Hospitality, Event Management, Warehouse, Construction, Fork Lift Operators, Sport Teams... anyone who needs to keep their hands free, whilst working on the job!

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Wireless Pacific XRD UHF - Wearable Waterproof Radio 


• Wearable, Waterproof, UHF Radio
• Government-Grade / Commercial Grade 
• Water Proof / Dirt Proof (IP67) 
• Can Outperform 5 Watt Radio* 
• Easy To Use. No Staff Training Required
• Built to Tough US Military Standards Testing 
• Full Range Of Compatible Accessories 
• 3 Year Warranty Option



XRD UHF is a wearable, waterproof radio, that is tough enough for a heavy duty construction site, yet lightweight enough to be comfortably worn in a retail or hospitality work application. XRD UHF is a revolutionary, wearable, waterproof two way radio.


XRD UHF: Built to Last.

The XRD UHF is built to tough, government grade, US Military Standards 810 C/D/E/F tests, including meeting Ingress Protection rating IP67 (fully water proof & dust proof). And despite the toughness of the device, XRD UHF only weighs 150 grams, for easy comfortable, lightweight operation. XRD UHF offers 12 hours of battery operation time (subject to usage), meaning you should get between 1-1.5 work days of operation time between recharges. 


XRD UHF: Can Outperform a 5 Watt Radio!

When a traditional two-way radio is worn on the belt, it causes the body to absorb much of the radio transmission and can reduce the signal by 10dB or more. It is for this reason, that police and military forces around the world, wear the radio on their shoulder for maximum coverage performance. The XRD UHF has been designed according to ‘best practice’ and is light enough to wear on the shoulder, only weighing 150 grams, meaning a special harness or vest does not need to be worn.

Furthermore, by wearing your XRD UHF radio on your shoulder, with the antenna sitting above the shoulder line, the XRD UHF can provide up to 3db or 60% better coverage than a 5 watt portable radio worn on your belt in many situations.


XRD UHF: No Staff Training Required! 

The XRD UHF is ready to go to work, requires no staff training as has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. There are no complicated or confusing menu systems for your staff to navigate through. There are is no LCD screen on the XRD UHF, meaning staff cannot accidentally “experiment” with the radio settings, which can often lead to downtime. Radio Warehouse takes care of all of the programming for you, so when your purchased radios arrive, simply unpack out of the box and use right away.


XRD UHF: No Ongoing Fees. Team 4™ & Team 7™ Channels Ready.

The XRD UHF is fully compatible with our Team 4™ & Team 7™ Channels. The Radio Warehouse Team™ channels are channels that do not require a licence and are free to use. Whilst communicating on the Team 4™ or Team 7™ you will not have 3rd parties, such as truck drivers etc., interfering with your business communication. 


XRD UHF: No More Curly Cords!

XRD UHF weighs only 150 grams, and functions as a two way radio, and remote speaker microphone, combined into one package which liberates the user from the extra weight, dangers and inefficiencies of wearing long curly cords.


XRD UHF: Optional 3 Year Warranty & Battery Replacement Service 

Want the security of an extended warranty period? An optional 3 year warranty can be purchased to give your business peace of mind for an extended 3 year period. During the warranty period of the XRD UHF, Radio Warehouse can replace the internal battery, free of charge, once it reaches its end of life. The XRD uses Li-Ion battery, which like all Li-Ion batteries (irrespective of manufacturer) will last approximately 500 recharges from flat to full. That’s about 100 weeks or 2 years of every day, Monday to Friday, business use. 

XRD UHF: Full Range of Compatible Audio Accessories

The XRD UHF is compatible with an entire range of optional audio accessories. The XRD UHF has both a Hirose accessory plug and 3.5mm plug, allowing you to plug in a range of accessories to the XRD UHF, including heavy duty Peltor headsets, sophisticated public safety surveillance earpieces, WPITRQ ear microphone systems and more. A single charger is supplied with every XRD UHF, however for those who require a 6 way charger, XRD UHF has you covered. Radio Warehouse are a fully authorised Wireless Pacific dealer, so we can get you access to any compatible product you require.

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Additional Information

Recommended For: No
Frequency Band UHF
Manufacturer Wireless Pacific
Analog / Digital / IP Analog Only
Programming Capabilities 80 CB Public UHF Channels, Onsite 16™ Team Channels
Channel Capacity 16
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) Yes (IP67)
Transmit Power (Watts) 0-1
Radio Frequency Band (Transmit) 476-477Mhz
Radio Audio Speaker Power 500mW
Encryption / Scrambler No
Bluetooth (Option) No
Battery Life (Approximate) 12 Hours
Weight (If available) 0.15
Warranty 12 Months, 36 Months

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