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Lite Series

Lite – Baseline solution

Lite is the entry-level member of the X10DR family allowing a mobile radio user to simply talk and communicate when away from their vehicle. X10DR Lite a very simple, safe, and low-cost way to increase your workforce effectiveness while creating a proactive, safety-focused, duty of care OS&H friendly, work environment for your all-important field personnel.

For over 8 years X10DR has enhanced the working lives of Police officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Utility workers, and other professionals globally by allowing users to communicate simply and effectively from their vehicles. Having passed the “real world validation”, we are now pleased to bring that same, powerfully simple™ out of vehicle communications core capability but without any of the systems feature complexities and associated cost that is demanded by first responders.

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Lite – Baseline solution

Our Wireless Pacific X10DR Lite unleashes the power of your mobile radio, like never before! The X10DR Lite model is the most simple, low cost, yet safe way for your workforce to maintain group-based, two-way communication, ensuring your team’s effectiveness, whether your staff is working, in or out of their vehicles.

X10DR Lite, ensures you maintain your occupational safety & health (OH&S) compliance by allowing your staff to stay connected to their mobile radio for up to 300 metres when working away from their vehicle. Press the X10DR Lite PTT button and your voice is transmitted over your vehicle’s selected radio channel/talkgroup. Release to hear all conversations on your radio channel… up to 300 metres* from your vehicle. 

Radio Warehouse Lite Special
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Open Channel Group Communications

Open channel-group communications nurture valuable team spirit - a work ethos that comes from entrusting one’s organization’s wireless communications to an “open channel” two-way radio system. Law enforcement uses two way because it’s the only sure way to deliver instantly shared group situation awareness for all members assigned to a specific operational channel.. that’s unless the officer leaves the vehicle. The X10DR Out Of Vehicle Solution enables your entire team of officers to constantly stay informed whether in or out of their vehicle. X10DR core capability ensures all members continue to hear all conversations instantly, so all your officers know what is going on, no matter whether they are heading down a highway or out of the vehicle upholding the law while they go about protecting the public.

The Safe and Simple Solution

X10DR Lite delivers the same out of vehicle communications performance reliability as its X10DR Pro/Elite model variants, in a slimmed-down package that does not have the advanced systems features (& associated additional cost) that is demanded by first responders using the X10DR Elite Plus or Pro Plus model. X10DR Lite was designed specifically for every other mobile two way radio user that seeks the same liberating and proven, long-distance wireless microphone communication out of their vehicle found in every X10DR released since its very first, patented, conception.Your staff are only a single button press away from calling for assistance over their mobile two-way radio.

Stay in Constant Contact

Employee safety and for those that they serve is paramount in today’s modern but unpredictable world.You implemented a radio system so support was always close at hand, but day to day realities often demands a driver to exit their vehicle to render assistance to students or assess unexpected traffic hazards and environmental conditions. X10DR Lite enables those we entrust with the safety of our children to fully maintain contact with your dispatch and response center so that no call ever goes unheard.At the wheel or on the street, stay in constant contact wherever you are. 

All Informed Group Communications

Group communications nurture valuable team spirit. It’s a work ethos that comes from entrusting one’s organization’s wireless communications to an “open channel” two-way radio system.Many kinds of organisations use mobile radio because it’s the only sure way to instantly deliver shared group situation awareness for all members assigned to a specific operational channel… that’s unless the driver leaves the vehicle. The X10DR Out Of Vehicle Solution enables your entire team to constantly stay informed whether in or out of their vehicle. X10DR Lite’s core capability ensures all staff continues to hear all conversations instantly, so all the team knows what is going on, no matter whether they are heading down a highway or out of the vehicle doing what needs to be done.

Lite Features:



Additional Information

Recommended For: Mining
Frequency Band UHF
Manufacturer Wireless Pacific
Analog / Digital / IP Digital Only
Programming Capabilities 55 Marine VHF Channels
Channel Capacity No
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) Yes (IP55)
Transmit Power (Watts) 2/3
Radio Frequency Band (Transmit) 2.4GHz
Radio Audio Speaker Power 550mW
Encryption / Scrambler Yes
Bluetooth (Option) Yes
Battery Life (Approximate) 18 Hours
Weight (If available) 0.34
Warranty 12 Months

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Product Questions

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