Waterproof RSM - Compatible models: Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex etc. (Wireless Pacific WPRSM-IP67)

Waterproof RSM - Compatible models: Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex etc. (Wireless Pacific WPRSM-IP67)

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The rugged compact IP67* waterproof Remote Speaker Microphones deliver outstanding audio. They are built to withstand driving rain and are designed especially to be highly drop resilient while the microphone head is rated to IP67 submersion capability and offers protection against damage. The microphone head is totally protected from dust and can be submerged in water to 1m (3ft) for up to 30 minutes without any leakage and damage to the internal components of the RSM.

*Please note: The IP67 rating means the internal components will not be damaged by water, if held under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, however if the RSM is placed under water it will need to be dried out for full performance to return. The radio connector end of the RSM is not waterproof.

Engineered to suit all traditional, demanding two-way applications, they provide for greater flexibility and convenience.

The units feature a rugged belt clip that can be rotated to any convenient position and feature a high tactile PTT button.


IP67 waterproof head
8 position 360 rotary clip
Resilient retractable cables
Premium quality connectors
Excellent value

{tab=Model Compatibility Guide}

Icom Two Way Radios

Icom Two Pin (Select *-i)
Example Radios: IC-41S / IC-F24 / IC-F43

Icom Multipin (Select *-i2)
Example Radios: IC-F50 / IC-F60 / IC-F70 / IC-3062

Icom Two Pin Straight (Select *-i3)
Early / Older Models

Icom Two Pin w/Screws (Select *-i4)
Example radios: IC41S / ICF24 / ICF43 / ICF4103 / ICF4003

Kenwood Two Way Radios

Kenwood Two Pin (Select *-K)
Example Radios: TK3202 / TK3212 / TK3207 / TK3160 
/ TK3170 / TK3310 / TK3317 / NX220 / NX320 / TK3407 etc

Kenwood Multipin (Select *-140/D)
Example Radios: TK3140 / TK3180 / NX200 / NX300 etc

Motorola Two Way Radios

Motorola 2 Pin: (Select *-300)
Example Radios: GP300 / CP200 / CB Pro

Motorola Multipin GP328 Plug (Select *-328)
Example radios: GP328 / GP339 / ATS2500 / MTX960 / HT1250

Motorola Multipin GP328Plus Plug (Select *-500)
Example radios: GP328Plus / EX500 / GP338Plus

Motorola 1 Pin with Screw, MTP850 Plug (Select *-850)

Motorola XTS Multipin Plug (Select *-J)
Example radios: HT1000 / MTX / XTS

Motorola MotoTRBO Plug (Select *-MT)
Example radios: DP3400 / DP3401 / DP3600 / DP3601

Motorola 3.5mm threaded plug (Select *-V)
Example radios: VISAR

Motorola Saber Plug (Select *-S)

Tait Two Way Radios

Multi Pin (Select *-810): TP7110 / TP8100 / TP8110 / TP8115 / TP8120

Sepura Two Way Radios

One Pin Right Angle (Select *-2000): SRP / SRH Models

Multipin (Select *-800): STP8000

Simoco Two Way Radios

Two Pin Right Angle (Select *-T): SRP9100 / SRP9120 / SRP9130

Multipin (Select *-500): SRP9170 / SRP9180

Vertex Standard Two Way Radios

Vertex Standard 1 Pin Screw (Select *-426)
Example Radios: VX426 / VX351 / VX160 / VX180 / VX210

Multi Pin (Select *-820): VX821 / VX929

Wireless Pacific Two Way Radios

2 pin Right Angle
 (Select *-G/GTR): GT / GTR



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